Thursday, February 21, 2013


We went in for the big ultrasound today. We decided to take Elise and Melody with us, I wanted to them to feel as involved as possible with this pregnancy. Around the time Ray was 6 months old Elise started asking where her baby sister was. I told her she has a baby sister, her name is Melody. She said, “That’s my little sister, where’s my baby sister?”  And then I promptly changed the subject. Smile Then Melody started asking me the same thing, which I would also change the subject too. So we really wanted them to be their when we found out. They got to see all the arms and legs and all the cute extremities of this baby. I think they really understood  what was going on, plus asking a TON of questions. Everything looks great, heart is beating healthy, all 10 fingers and toes are there. The baby was bent in half for most of it. Like feet by it’s head and knees in it’s face, I was getting a kick out of that. Then the tec told us it was a girl! The girls were jumping up and down and Melody did her “girl dance,” that’s what she called it. Smile  Some other great news we heard was that the placenta was well out of the way! That was a miracle, all the statistics and articles I read I knew the odds were not in my favor. Especially with having a history of placenta previa and a c-section, I had 2 strikes against me. My doctor is all for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), but they will not induce me (I’m too high a risk of uterin rupture). So I need to go into labor on my own, which I’ve yet to do with any of my children. I still need to ask my doctor how far past my due date he’ll let me go, because I KNOW I will go over. But right now I’m just going to keep educating myself and staying positive. I KNOW my body can do this! So I need to dust off my bows and frilly baby clothes and get ready for this cute girl to come!

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