Monday, July 27, 2009

For Katie :)

We took these pictures a while ago, I just keep forgetting to post them. The Colliers are one of are good friends. We both have 2 girls that are close in age. When Elise and Lily get together they don't even say anything to each other, they just look at each other and run into the bedroom to play with toys. When Melody and Kylie get together it's giggle town, they just look at each other and laugh and laugh.
These are some of the many faces of our girls. :)

Cousins Camp!

Grandma Nina has started this new tradition called "Cousins Camp" Right now it's just a day of swimming in Grandma Nina's backyard, but eventually it will be a week with grandma and tons of fun. We did have tons of fun this year, the big girls swam for about 4 1/2 hours!

Sophie and Elise were so funny. Elise wanted all the pool toys in the pool, but Sophie didn't want any in. So as Elise was putting the toys in Sophie was throwing them out just as fast saying, "No thank you! No thank you!"

"I didn't have any oreos, I swear!"

Tessa (AKA Jaba the Hut) really loved the water.

Cute babies

Cute girl!

Do I have anything in my mouth?

Happy Birthday Elise!

Happy Birthday to my Elise! I can't believe she's 3! I thought time went fast with one kid, but now with 2 kids I don't know where the time has gone!
Elise is such a mature and pretty girl, she is so smart, and a good big sister. We had such a great day.

I first let Elise choose what ever outfit she wanted, when I let her do this, this is the outfit she'll choose. She's so stylin!

We picked up Brian at work and took Elise to lunch at Artic Circle. She ate her fries and a kiddie cone.

She has been asking for a princess cake for months! And she finally got it!

Blink child, blink!

Opening presents, she's also been asking for dance shoes for a few months now too. She got ballet and tap shoes. With a leotard and a skirt. She starts dance in about a month, so excited for that day!

Cousin Sophie came, all the way from Colorado!

Enjoying her cupcake

BFF Lily came too. She really enjoyed her cupcake!

But not as much as Melody! :)

It was such a great day! Thanks everyone that came, we all appreciated it so much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ahhh Jackson Hole

Warning Post over load! Prepare for an Oober amout of pictures!
Last weekend we went to Jackson Hole, WY! It's been a tradition in the Wells family to go every year. They've been doing this for the last 27 years! Brian has only missed 3 years. One, while he was on his mission and 2 during the summers I was pregnant and couldn't travel that far. (Sorry moose, thanks for taking one for the team!) Brian and I went up a day early, with out our kids! BOOYA! So we could do some hiking. We also counted this as our "graduation trip" too. So we got a full 24 hours to each other, priceless! Not to mention a 6 hour car ride with out our kiddos in the back seat! :) The hike we did was called "Cascade Canyon," it was so pretty, lush and green. And it was over cast so it didn't get too hot.

We first had to hike around Jenny Lake

Then to Hidden Falls

Past Inspiration Point, where we got engaged. But I didn't get any pictures. Why you might ask? Well as we were turning the corner of the trail to get to IP, we came upon a couple well.....doing IT! Ya so we quickly turned our heads to admire some trees and waited for them to finish. But after that we were able to make it to Cascade Canyon.
Sadly it ruined the place where we got engaged.

We saw 2 dear on the trail, both were very close to us. This reminded me of the opening scene in Twilight, ya I know I'm a dork! :)

A beautiful picture of the Tetons

A moose sighting! Ok he just moose to me :)

We made it to the top. The whole hike was 13 miles, booya!

But we really did have a true moose sighting!

The next day Brian decided 13 miles wasn't enough so he ran a 10K! His brother Tyler also ran. Brian finished in 50 min!

Tired kiddos!

And another moose sighting! Man they're every where!

Happy 4th of July!

At the Bar-J. Again, the Wells have been going to this for 27 years. They serve a chuck wagon meal that is sooooo good, and then have a western type band for entertainment after dinner.

Melody is getting closer to walking, but this is her new technique. Just grab mom's pants to keep her steady.

Giddy up!

Gavin didn't quite want to giddy up.

The Wells men, plus an Alama.

Brian, a member of the Bar-J trying to be a crooner. AKA dashing, didn't quite work.

A great show!

Hi I'm hear to audition for the play Oliver Twist, or maybe Orphan Annie!

Elise had a butterfly land on her back and it stayed for a long time. She was fine until she saw it in the mirror and then she didn't like it on her.

Enjoying some food

Great family time.

All the grand kids. Elise, Melody, and Gavin

This is by far the best family picture we've ever had! Everyone is looking, smiling, and not blinking all at the same time! It's a miracle!

Even Sugar came and enjoyed the great outdoors.

Throwing rocks in the river, Elise's favorite.

Sure looks like Jason and Jen were enjoying throwing rocks in the river. :)

Our last day we hiked hidden falls as a family.

Such a cute couple!

We had such a great time, we were so tired by the end of the trip but it was sooooo worth it. This is the first time in 5+ years we've been all together in Jackson. Now I just need to quit having kids in the summer so we can go up every year! :)

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