Sunday, October 28, 2012


   It's been a very spiritual, almost emotional week for Brian and me. I was given the prompting to record the events and feelings I'd been having, not sure why. I felt like I should share it with my friends and family that follow my families blog. Sorry it's so long, but I wanted to include everything that I've been experiencing. Enjoy :)                                                            

                                                             Oct. 23rd, 2012
Where to start…..Have you ever had a “moment” that humbles you and makes you proud all at the same time? I need to start about a year and a half ago when I was driving up SR 73 coming home when Heavenly Father gave me a revelation and confirmation that Justin Pitcher would be our new Bishop. The Lord revealed to me that he would be the father of our ward and a great leader. I've had the privilege of knowing him and his wonderful wife Ashley for a few years now. Heavenly Father also threw in that one day my sweet husband would be a counselor in a Bishopric (but not right now). That part about Brian threw me through a loop. I prayed about those things the Lord revealed to me, I knew they were both true and I really started preparing myself for whenever that day would be. It was still about 6 months before Justin was called to be Bishop. At the time Brian was Elders Quorum President and really tried to put his whole heart into it. I tried to be very supportive and let him go out and get to know his Elders, loving them, serving them. Even getting up in the middle of the night to give blessings, or just checking on them because he’d just had a dream about one of his Elders, and just had a prompting to get up and drive by their house at 2:00 a.m. Also, sitting with one of his Elders after a hostage situation (That is one thing I hope he never has to do again).  About 6 months after Bishop Pitcher had been called Brian was released from Elders Quorum President and called to Ward Clerk. Again he put his heart and soul into it. Serving the members of our ward, familiarizing himself with the tasks he needs to perform, loving the members of our ward. Even going to the church late one night to cut a check for someone that really needed the money.  It was hard; it meant more meetings on Sunday and being at the church 1-2 days a week.  Again, I supported him. I understood what he was doing for the Bishop, the Ward, and most importantly for the Lord. A few weeks ago, as I was walking into my closet, I had another revelation from the Lord that Guy Johnson, the 1st counselor to Bishop Pitcher, would be our Bishop someday. I thought that was strange? Our Bishopric has only been together a year. I just assumed it meant in a few years Guy would be the next Bishop after Bishop Pitcher. I've had the privilege of getting to know Guy and his sweet wife Erin this past year, they are such wonderful people. Last Sunday (Oct. 21st) Melody and I were sick so we stayed home while Brian took the other 2 kids to church. When he came to pick Elise and Ray up before church he mentioned that the Stake President has invited our ward and 2 other wards to a “special” sacrament meeting next Sunday. I knew it meant a portion of our ward would be split. I did wonder: could this be it? But didn't dwell on it too much. The next day, (Oct. 22nd) Brian received a call from the Stake Executive Secretary that a member of the Stake Presidency would like to meet with us. I knew right then that Brian would be called as 1st Counselor. I knew Guy Johnson would be the Bishop of the new Ward they were creating.  What I didn't know was which Ward we were going to be a part of. If Brian would just replace Guy in our ward, or join Guy in his Bishopric. Well….. we are part of the new ward. Brian will be Guy Johnson’s 1st Counselor. In the interview/meeting where they called Brian they were interviewing both of us. I of course said I would support my husband in this huge/new calling. Later that night Bishop Johnson came over and gave us more specifics on where the new ward boundary lines are. How it is a brand new ward and EVERY calling needs to be filled. It will be a mix of people from 3 different wards; right now you only know about 1/3 of the members. This will be a huge undertaking. He also talked to us about how our marriage needs to run. We need to talk with each other about our callings (obviously Brian will know more about the members of our ward than I will.) BUT it’s ok to ask about our meetings, he can talk to me about some things. It’s ok for me to voice my concerns, or even tell him that I just need you home tonight. We need to keep an open line of communication between each other and the Lord. Brian might receive revelation through me or maybe one of the kids. It hit me harder after Bishop Johnson left last night how much he needs Brian, how much the ward needs Brian, and how much the Lord needs Brian. I’m so thankful Heavenly Father has slowly helped me and prepared me for this. (All though I know the process Heavenly Father has prepared Brian was a little more rigorous than mine) I’m also thankful to have wonderful parents that were great examples to me. My Father was in the Bishopric for 16 years, he never sat with our family in Sacrament meeting until I was a junior in High School. My Dad served with every ounce of Love and inspiration he had (if you know my Dad that is a LOT of love.) My Mom was very patient and understood why he needed to be gone, and somewhat “on call” at times to help members of the Ward.  I know it will be hard to share my wonderful husband even more than I already was, but I know if I do our family will receive so many blessings, and the spirit will be strong in our home to help us all. I’m normally not an emotional person, but these last 2 days I've found myself on the verge of tears when I think about everything that will change in our family. I’m not going to lie; I will miss Brian sitting with us in Sacrament Meeting. But I know everything he will be doing is for our Heavenly Father. I Love Brian very very much and I’m so pleased to have such a proud Priesthood holder as a husband. I’m thankful for the gift of revelation, I know the Lord knows me and takes my feelings and thoughts into consideration. He knows what I’m capable of, what our family is capable of, and what Brian is capable of. It’s only been a day, but I love the sweet spirit that is in our home already.  It’s a very confusing feeling, I feel very proud but humble at the same time. I didn't know you could have those 2 feelings together.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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