Friday, February 24, 2012

I love free stuff!

Check out this gem I got for FREE on KSL Classifieds! I've been wanting a cute red accent chair since we've changed our living room into a "real" living room. But $$$$ is always the issue. But the stars aligned for us and just got the idea to check KSL. I found the chair and went and got it in about 3 hours. I love it! I think it completes the room. Finally! And I finally went and got some more blue paint to finish where I ran out.

So most of the stuff in this room was free or pretty darn cheap!
The couch we've had since we were married, we got the piano from a family friend, I made the pillows, the tall bookcase we've had for years, the mirror was my mom's that I just spray painted, all the "decorative balls I got the idea from a craft blog, and I won't tell you what I put Melody through to get the $ for the little book case. :)
I told Brian the other day I'm finally happy and content with this room. It was so nice when my Visiting Teachers came over to have a neat and clean room to sit in and chat with them. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extreme Makeover, Pantry Edition!

So this Young Lady is turning 60 in about 2 weeks. This lady is so special to me that I wanted to do something wonderful, amazing, and life changing for her!

My Mom's pantry is not the ideal pantry. It's not very wide and kind of deep. So things get lost in the back and are stuck there for years. She mentioned she'd love something different for her pantry to help keep it organized better. So I started brain storming and my Dad was nice enough to just go with it. :)

So here is the before and after!
I took out a self and added color! Plus some awesome organization things from Amazon and IKEA. I hope my mom likes it! :) I love you Mama! I wish I could give you more.

Monday, February 13, 2012

So this is really past due....

Here's Ray's 6 month picture. Taken by the very talented Jessica Chapman :) She took more but this one is my favorite.
This little boy is so gash darn CUTE! He will give anyone a smile, but then decide he's shy and hide his face in my the shoulder the next second. He's getting more vocal everyday. He really is a "Ray" of sunshine. He loves his mama and his dada equally. He can't wait to play and keep up with his sisters. He's a rolling and scooting fool. No scooting on his stomach, but on his bum. :)
I love this boy to pieces!

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