Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Elise had an epiphany the other day. We were eating our breakfast at the table. She was eating her normal cereal bar and I was eating a blue berry muffin (from Costco). Elise asked why I was eating a muffin and I told her because it was a breakfast food. She looked at me and gasped, "You can eat muffins for breakfast!?" "Yes" I told her. She thought that was pretty cool, but still just wanted to eat her cereal bar. :) I guess she learned something new that day :)

I've been working on Elise trying to convince her that we need to cut her hair. Due to the movie "Tangled" she never wants to cut her hair. Thanks a million Disney! But I'm still working on her, I really want it short before the baby comes. So the other day I tell her again that were going to cut her hair. She instantly said, "No I don't want my hair cut short like Daddy!" Say What!? I tried to convince her that we would never cut it that short! No wonder she doesn't want to get her hair cut! I wouldn't either if we buzzed it like Daddy does. Silly girl I need to know what going on in her brain more.

Jimmer Fever

A few weeks ago Brian was "inspired" to get tickets to the BYU vs. U of U Basketball. He thought that we should attend at least one of their games while they are so good and have such a great player like Jimmer.
When we were getting ready to go I grabbed the girls red minnie mouse jackets for them to wear. Brian promptly remined me of all games, we can't wear red to this one. Oops! So I switched to some neutral colors :)

Of couse the game we attend Jimmer isn't quite on his game. The first half he only scored 5 points. But he really came back for the 2nd half. I think he scored 18 points? Needless to say BYU still won. It was a close game the whole time, which is the type of games I love to go to! Brian is now learning I enjoy basketball more than football. :) We had a great time with the girls. We just kept the snacks coming and they were happy. After the game we went to a Chinese Buffet, which meant I was happy! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pity Party

So 2 weeks ago I had to take the girls to the doctor 3 times for pink eye and double ear infections. Then Elise swallowed a quarter, took her to Primary Children's. We were told to watch for fever in case she aspirated. Then on Sunday she woke up with a temp of 102. So we had to take her back to Primary Children's for more x-rays and tests. They don't think it was related to the quarter, but she does have strep throat. :( Then Monday she had a rash, she's allergic to the antibiotic. Can things get worse? Probably, but please don't! And the icing on the cake, Brian just left for a business trip for 3 days. Poor Elise, she is still running a fever and cringes whenever she coughs. I hate watching my kids suffer and I can't do much to help them. So I'm really trying not to have a pity party, but man it's getting tougher. I really should go to the store but don't want to take my sickie with me. Please pray for my Elise that she can get better, and that the rest of us won't get this nasty sickness.

Friday, February 11, 2011

25 cents

This wonderful event just had to be documented.

Elise was taking a nap on my bed. Since they've started sharing a room I just really needed them to take a nap and they were just being silly and not going to sleep. So I snapped and put Elise on my bed to take a nap. I was downstairs enjoying the silence when I heard Elise gagging and then crying. I ran up stairs and asked Elise what happened. She said she swallowed a penny. I asked her where she got it, and she pointed to my nightstand. I knew I didn't have a penny on my nightstand, but I did have a quarter. I asked how she swallowed a quarter, and I guess it was in her mouth then she decided to take a drink from my water bottle. OOPS! Then she proceeded to throw up! So I rushed her to the bathtub and tried to start damage control of my bed, my bathroom, and my 4 year old. Wonderful!

After that she kept throwing up. I called her doctor and they said to watch her, make sure she is breathing ok, and if she complains of pain to bring her in. She was breathing fine but still kept throwing up. I waited about and hour and half and then decided to take her in. When we got to the doctors office, they were pretty good to get us back fast. When the medical assistant asked what we were here for, he chuckled and said, "That's right your the quarter girl." Oh dear, I guess the office had a good laugh. Her doctor looked at her quickly and sent us to the Riverton Hospital that has an extension of Primary Children's to get an x-ray. But they close at 5 and it was 4:40. So I booked it to the hospital and got there right at 5. Thank heavens! They got us in really quick and verified the quarter was stuck in her esophagus. I wish I would have taken a picture of the x-rays, it was really freaky to see the quarter. But they didn't have a doctor at this hospital to extract it so we had to go to Primary Children's in Salt Lake. By this time she'd thrown up about 10 times.

So we booked it to Salt Lake to start the process their. Luckily Elise has been breathing fine, just throwing up. We arrived and checked in. When we told them what happened the nurse asked if she was normally that pale. I didn't see a difference, but she wanted to check her stats. She was normal, but my children are just very white! :) So we waited, got a room and waited some more. The doctor came in and examined her then consulted with a radiologist and a ear, nose, and throat doctor. Surgery was a possibility. They finally decided the radiologist would just go in with a x-ray camera and some tubes and try to extract it. FUN! Elise was a trooped the whole time, even when they strapped her to the table. She thought it was funny. Then they stuck the tube down her nose! Not so fun after that. The doctors and assistants had told her, her job was to spit the quarter out when she felt it. It only took about 3 minutes and it came right out! YAY! After that Elise was happy as a clam! We got her ice cream and fries after we were done.

I hope she really really learned her lesson. She now says, "We don't put monies in our mouth!" That's right!

The "prize" she now wants to take it to show and tell at preschool. Weird girl!

I'm very happy and grateful she is fine. I'm also very thankful for all the health care professionals that were so good to us and our daughter. I've always been so impressed with Primary Children's Medical Center. So grateful in so many ways.

The darndest things

I just had to document these things Melody has said:

-(Sorry the potty humor) Melody pooped in the potty and then started to describe her poop. "They look dolphins! Look one dolphin and another dolphin!"

-After we got the girls out of the tub and dressed we brush their hair. Melody had this little baby brush. Brian asked her if she would brush his hair. She told him, "No that's not hair, that's a head!" Just another reminder that Brian is loosing his hair. :)


That dreadful, I mean great day has come. The girls are now sharing a room. I've been dreading this day for many reasons. But I knew it was coming so we could make room for the baby. We bought Melody a bed at IKEA last weekend and instead of putting it together twice we just bit the bullet and put her bed in Elise's room. Were still in the "newness" phase so they play and talk, and we threaten and threaten. But were glad it all fits in the room fine and they LOVE being together.

2,4,6,8 Who do we appriciate?

Grandma Launa signed my girls up for a cheer clinic at Taylorsville High School. Elise was into it, and Melody was about 50%. But I think they had a great time overall.

Friday, February 4, 2011


We had our first Parent Teacher Conference for Elise a few days ago. I'm such a proud Mama! She is doing so great! Her teacher loves her and said she can tell Elise is so happy to be at preschool. She's doing better writing her name, were still working on the s and the e. Her coloring has improved since the beginning of the year, and her cutting has really improved. Plus she is doing so great at reading. Her teacher said she's now reading at a kindergarten level! Go Elise!
This is a picture Elise drew. Her teacher said she could draw whatever she wanted, and she decided to draw her family. Brian and I are the ones holding hands. Elise is the purple one and Melody is the blue one. Notice a 5th person? We asked her who that was, she said it was Baby Ray holding a rattle. So sweet! I'm so glad she is excited for her little brother to come, enough that it's on her mind more than I realize.
So proud of our Elise! I'm so glad she loves to learn. She is our super smart girl!
Love you Elise!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 Points

Just thought I'd pass along 2 things I've come to realize these last few weeks.

#1. Buying the cheaper razors to shave my legs is a bad idea. I tried this a few weeks ago with a razor that was half the price as the Venus Gillet, BIG mistake. I cut myself like I was in 5th grade again and it was my first time! (Yes I started shaving my legs in 5th grade. You would too if you had hairy Ulga Beast legs like it did! Plus I had 3 older brothers that reminded me I had Ulga Beast legs frequently.) Plus I got the worst razor burn on top of all my cuts! After I switched back to my Venus Gillet it was like I could feel my legs going, aaaahhhhhh in relief. So cheaper is not always the better choice.

#2. I've been sick and since I'm slightly limited on what I can take I've been using Breathright nose strips at night to help me breath through my nose. They normally work like a charm. I've tried the Kroger kind that were 1/2 the price and they were lousy! They left a sticky residue on my nose. So I tried the Western Family brand hoping they would be a little better than the Kroger. NOPE! They were worse! They also left a sticky residue on my nose plus I have a rash on my nose. So again Cheaper is not always better. After my rash goes away I'm definitely going back to my normal Breathrights.

So moral of the stories, cheaper is NOT always the best choice. In case you were wondering. :)

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