Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Years, Baby!


January 2nd, 2004. One of the best days of my life! I remember the night before we were married a snow storm came in and covered the Valley in a blanket of fresh snow. That morning everything was so white and wintery.  I remember getting the best nights sleep the night before we were married. I woke up so refreshed and ready for an amazing day. I think the temperature got up to about 40 degrees that day. It was the warmest day of the year for about 2 month.  Even with the snowy weather we were still able to arrive at the temple on time. The sealing was a blur to me, I just remember when I was supposed to say yes I said it so quiet that Brian could barley hear me. After we were married, and we came outside the temple to take the “Famous” group picture on the stairs. The snow on the temples roof was melting and falling onto all off us! I LOVED my white cape, it was so warm and comfortable. I felt like a snow princess. The day was perfect with no hiccups. I wish it all didn’t go so fast, that day flew by. But everything was perfect….

December 30, 2013_6664-Edit_LRexport (3)December 30, 2013_6681_LRexport

Wow! I really can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Some days it really does feel like it was yesterday, other days it feels like we’ve been old and married for 40 years. It’s been great with a little bumps and maybe some bruises along the way. Between the 2 of us we have accomplished 4 degrees, moved 6 times, created 4 beautiful kids, and countless races. We were patient and found our dream home, that is just so perfect for our not so small family. We’ve had so many experiences supporting or being supported in all our many callings in the church. We’ve had trials that we didn’t see coming, some we did see. But stuck together and supported each other in whatever the Lord gave us. We continue to keep the spirit close to us as we raise our 4 kids in such a crazy world. I truly can say being married to Brian has almost been what I thought I was getting into 10 years ago. He keeps us on our toes with everything he is involved with.  I sure love this man. I love the humble beginning we started from and where were at today. He’s worked hard and still works hard to provide for our family. Here’s to 10 years and to 50 more!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Our Thankful door.

Every night we’d draw something we were thankful for. By the end we had to be creative to fit our drawings in because it was so full.

I Love my kiddos for the big and little things they were thankful for.



Our Christmas Tree.

Brian and I are going on 10 years of marriage. In the beginning our tree consisted of “hand-me-down” ornaments. Which I happily took because we were very poor. We’ll after 10 years were just kind of poor, so I wanted to start making our tree, OUR tree. So I’ve been collecting “W’s” for Wells and moose ornaments. I thought those 2 things would represent our family. I’ve also learned moose ornaments are kind of hard to find! We need to make a quick trip to Jackson Hole, I’m pretty sure we’ll find some their. Winking smile Oh, and we also have a few Disney characters mixed in too, I thought that was fitting for us Disneyland crazies. Smile I’m really happy with it!




Have I ever told you how much I love this boy!? Even being surrounded by girls practically  24/7 he still is all boy! Playing trucks, dressing like a pirate, and torturing his sisters and mom! Oh, and he gets Brian’s football out on a daily basis. He drives me crazy, but then looks at me with his sweet blue eyes and my heart melts. His 2 knick names are Buddy and Boy. I’m so thankful for this little guy.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter fun!


Prom 2013


Prom this year was “Retro Future.” Ya, I know very strange. Brian and I tried our best with what was in our closet. Not even comparable to 1/2 the couples, but still very fun! If this is what our future looks like everyone will have bad fashion, robots, and guns. I’m kind of worried about our future!

Alice is 4 months!


My baby is 4 months old, how did that happen? I really feel like a blinked and she’s not a newborn anymore. She is such a joy in our family. So happy, so chill, such an easy baby. She’s our little cue ball, but man I LOVE that head! I love everything about her. She had her 4 month check up, here are her stats:

Head: 16.1 in (25%)

Height: 25 in (75%)

Weight: 13.1 lbs (50%)

She’s a little petit for my kids! Especially in the head and height, but that’s fine with me. Stay little as long as you can. Smile

She’s really got some great eye hand coordination. None of my other kids could grab things as well as her, and she’s trying so hard to sit up.

Love, love, love you Baby Alice!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More Randomness!

More Randomness!
 I took this picture a few days before I had Alice, all the kids were especially klingy that day. I think they knew something was up. :)

Man I love my Man! Doesn't get any sexier than that! 

 Elise was playing with my phone one day while I was doing her hair. Got this beautiful picture. For sure a keeper!
 Sleepy, maybe more groggy. :)
 I was organizing the girls closet one day and laid Alice in Melody's bed while I worked. She looks so tiny in that big bed. Lets keep it that way,
 My husband is AWESOME! I had a rough night with Alice and Brian went to go run a 5k the Stake was putting on. So he put this sign at the top of the stairs. Needless to say, it worked! It's pretty awesome to have kids that can read.
Babies first smile.
 Love my baby boy. He's been struggling with pooping in the potty so I bought a bunch of trucks and took his blankie away until he pooped in the potty. He was pretty stoked when he got a NEW truck and his blankie back!
 Grins and giggles
 So my BFF Bethy got me this scarf for my Birthday, but I was too afraid to wear it. I finally overcame my Phobia and wore it the other day. As you can see, Alice was pretty happy for me. :)
 Ice cream date with my little man.
 No nap that day....
Grandma Nina!

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