Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Alice is 4 months!


My baby is 4 months old, how did that happen? I really feel like a blinked and she’s not a newborn anymore. She is such a joy in our family. So happy, so chill, such an easy baby. She’s our little cue ball, but man I LOVE that head! I love everything about her. She had her 4 month check up, here are her stats:

Head: 16.1 in (25%)

Height: 25 in (75%)

Weight: 13.1 lbs (50%)

She’s a little petit for my kids! Especially in the head and height, but that’s fine with me. Stay little as long as you can. Smile

She’s really got some great eye hand coordination. None of my other kids could grab things as well as her, and she’s trying so hard to sit up.

Love, love, love you Baby Alice!

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Katies Korner said...

Wow I can't believe you had a baby with now hair! Thats crazy :)

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