Monday, November 21, 2011

First snowfall

Christmas came early for Mom!

Ray gave me the best Christmas presents ever! First, he's now holding his bottle! He only get a bottle about once a day, and these last few days he's held it all by himself! Priceless!

2nd, Brian can now do this with Ray. I always get nervous when he does this, but look at that face. :)

And 3rd, Ray can now sit up! He still is a little tipsy, but will sit up for a few minutes at a time.

Oh how I LOVE this boy. He's such a "Ray of Sunshine" in our lives. :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Look What I Did!

Yup, I did this! Without my Mom! This is huge for me, I rely on my mom a lot for sewing instructions. To be honest I don't really read them, I just hand them to my mom and have her interpret what they want me to do. (I love you mama! You are amazing!) But I decided I would do this bag with out the assistance of my Mama. I will admit, I did have Brian help me with a few spots. Yes my husband that knows very little about sewing helped me. I got stuck in a few spot and just didn't get it! I needed a fresh pair of eyes to help me. He was so helpful. Love ya lots moose! This bag is HUGE! Brian asked if I was going to put Ray in there, I probably could. (But I wont :) I really love it. I get board of my purses and diapers bags after a while, and need to switch things up. I hope this will out last my attention span for a while. :)

Freakin Cute Freestyle!

Elise competed in her first freestyle competition. It was the Cuttest thing ever! She rocked it! We were really afraid she was going to clam up and not do it, but she did it! Brian and I were proud parents. She got 1st, and wears her medal everyday. (For those of you that don't speak "clogging." Freestyle is something they do to show off your best steps. You do about 4 sets of 8 counts. Kind of like a solo, they do it 3 times on stage. The 1st and 3rd time everyone goes at the same time, the 2nd time your by yourself.)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeen!

Happy Halloween! We had a great weekend. It was nice to spread things out, instead of everything all on one day.

My little Pup.

Meow! Cute Kitty.

Off to Grandma's house. Little Red Ridding Hood. This costume was actually mine when I was little.

The Halloween parade.

Adobe Halloween never disappoints. Brian's section did Harry Potter, he chose to be Hagrid. Therefore I was the one to make the costume.

Don't tell Brian, but I've got a thing for tall guys with bushy beards. ;)

These were the only pictures I got from Adobe before my batteries died :(

For trick or treating on Halloween night Brian walked around the neighborhood as Hagrid. Scaring the bejezzus out of everyone! Super fun! :0)

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