Friday, November 11, 2011

Look What I Did!

Yup, I did this! Without my Mom! This is huge for me, I rely on my mom a lot for sewing instructions. To be honest I don't really read them, I just hand them to my mom and have her interpret what they want me to do. (I love you mama! You are amazing!) But I decided I would do this bag with out the assistance of my Mama. I will admit, I did have Brian help me with a few spots. Yes my husband that knows very little about sewing helped me. I got stuck in a few spot and just didn't get it! I needed a fresh pair of eyes to help me. He was so helpful. Love ya lots moose! This bag is HUGE! Brian asked if I was going to put Ray in there, I probably could. (But I wont :) I really love it. I get board of my purses and diapers bags after a while, and need to switch things up. I hope this will out last my attention span for a while. :)


Cami said...

Way to Go ANN!! I love the fabric you chose.

kori and rhen brown said...

Omgosh Ann - this is SO impressive!! Teach me how to make one!!!

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