Sunday, October 25, 2009

Formally known as Omniture

This year I had to help my girls transform a little to get into their witchy character.
So naturally they needed cute curly hair!

And whalla! 2 cute cute witches!
First of all I have to inform those who don't know but Brian still does have a job. We are very happy and so grateful he was not one of the 3 people they let go in his section. Now that Adobe has purchased Omniture we don't know if they are going to be changing the name or not. So right he works at "Formally known as Omniture." But he can now get killer deals on all Adobe products like photoshop for $50! Let us know if you are interested. :)
Brian's work goes all out for Halloween every year. They loose a few days in productivity because they are transforming the place. This was our first year experiencing Ominture Halloween.
Brian's section along with Marketing did a Vegas Theme, complete with a wedding chapel, Belagio Fountains and a dance club. Elvis married us and since Elise is in the picture I guess it was a shotgun wedding! :)
Another section had a Flintstones Theme To go along with the Vegas theme Brian was a pimp. Yes that is a purple suit. So Brian was a pimp and we were his 3 Witches. Theirs a W their not a B. :)
The executives did a Smurf theme (This theme was my favorite)
The CEO hires a team of Midgets every year to follow him around all day on Halloween. Thus the smurf theme.
They even transformed the doors to be little. And they had about 6 wheel barrows full of Hostess goodies they were giving out.
And this is Kitty cat Bridgette, Brian works with her dad and I'm good friends with her mom :)
And that night we carved our pumpkin, we went for a traditional look.
Elise got to do a ton of trick or treating before Saturday, which was really good because on Halloween she and I both came down with the flu. The worst day for a kid to get sick! So we all stayed home and watched Monsters Versus Aliens.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cornbelly's Rocks!

We had a family outing to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. We had a great time, but I'll let the pictures do the talking this time. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's done!

Our front yard is done! All the grass is in, flowerbeds done, and the concrete is done! BOOYA! Doesn't it look pretty? I can't wait until next year when the flowers and bushes in the flowerbed bloom. Big no HUGE thanks to my Moose, he's worked hard all summer and fall to get these projects done. You're amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!

Our Version of Witches Night Out :)

Every year my mother in law and all the girls on her side of the family get together for SOFAGE: Sister Out For A Great Escape! This year we did our own Witches Night Out. Friday I of course didn't have my camera so no pictures of that day. But we met at Grandma Bryson's house dressed as witches, ate dinner then walked around Walmart's trying to find some shirts. It was quiet funny to see all the camera phones that came out. Then we came home had dessert and did some "witchy things." :) Ok not really but Brian's Aunt is ummmmm, I don't know what to call her accept she's "sensitive to those on the other side." I know kind of crazy, but she did some Angel readings for us. Kind of like Yarrow cards. And it was crazy how much she knew about me. It was really fun.

Now on Saturday I did have my camera but only got to be their for half the day. My SIL Jenny and I met the "Witchy group" at the Gateway, some how the information got crossed and we didn't wear our witch paraphernalia to the Gateway.

So Jenny and I were really sad. :(

Sweet stockings!

But then some of them gave us their hats and black lipstick and we were happier!

These two are Brian's Aunts, I love them! They are totally the life of the party.

Brian's Grandma is the funniest lady, I love her purple highlights.

Then she pulled out her green wig! I hope I'm like that when I'm her age.

Grandma had the coolest hat, you can't hear it but it sings "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead"

We also made up our own "Incantation" So we of course had to do it in the middle of Gateway :)

Later that night we did a "Ghost Tour" Where you get on a bus and they drive you all over Down Town and tell you ghost stories. Some of the places they'd let you get out and take pictures. This is a picture in the Salt Lake Cemetery I got. I think the mist is just a reflection from another persons flash, but some people in my group said they can see a guy walking down the road. I don't but I could also never see the pictures in the Magic Eye books either. What do you think? (Dun dun dun!)
Hands down the best SOFAGE I've ever been to! Thanks Launa for planning such a great weekend.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My name, mom. My career....Domestic Engineer!

Yup, Ive been quiet the crafty woman lately. I decided to make Elise some PJ bottoms since that would be a little cheaper than buying them. So here they are! With my beautiful assistant Elise to model them for you all.
These one's are my favorite, Pink and Silky! I really want some for myself.
Warm and Fuzzy, made of fleece.
And some flannel Christmas PJ's. I was planning on waiting until closer to Christmas before she wore them, but she wore them to bed last night. I know I'm a big push over. :)
I love having projects to do, and better yet I love getting them finished! My next project re-vamping my old doll house for the girls Christmas present. I will of course share with you all when they're done. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Denver @ The Children's Museum

Yay for Fire Safety!

Sorry I'm busy cooking.
I love being a bunny!
Sophie loved this dress up and carried that acorn everywhere!
Artists at work
In a few years (AKA high school) this won't be so fun any more.
This cow was sooooo cool, you could color on it with chalk

Proud grandparents (not to mention cute!)

That night we went to Pasquinies (I have no idea how to spell it) It has really good Italian food. Melody is eating a hunk of crust all by herself. She worked on it for a while too.

Denver @ the Art Musem

On Saturday it was a free day at the Art Museum, when Jess mentioned it I was really sceptical. But when it's free I guess you can't be too disappointed.

They had room completely red with these foxes every where......ya I didn't get it either.

Cute girls with their specs on to help them see the art.

Grandma had a weak moment and bought all the girls cute jackets. This was surprising when both the girls were willing to pose for the camera.

Yes that's what you think it is, and yes that's how we found it.

It looks like ooz from the ceiling.

We really had a great adventure!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just got back from a great trip to Denver. I love visiting family! But guess what this smart Blondie did.......left her camera in Denver! (Stupid, stupid, stupid!) So when it arrives in the mail I will post ASAP. I know all my readers (all 2 of them) are on the edge of their seats! :)

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