Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Beach

While we were in California we went to the beach, the weather the whole week was great...accept the few hours we were at the beach! It was windy and cold. But we did let the kids play for about
30 minutes before we called it quits.

These next 3 pictures happened in a matter of seconds. I love how I captured the moments.

Can you tell were having fun!?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Who's the Leader of the Club....

I will try and let the pictures do the talking.
We had a BLAST! So so so much fun. The best part of the whole trip were the kids. So sweet and so genuine when they met the characters and rode the rides. Their excitement made the 12 hour drive very worth it.

We made it!
"So tired but can't stop eating popcorn...."

We bought Launa some Mickey ears for Mothers day, now her and Potter match!

"I'm not tired"

Cute cousins, that fight and annoy each other like they were siblings. We had someone ask if they were twins.

We did the Princess breakfast, so fun and almost worth the price.

Pixar Parade

Mickey Mouse Club House, LIVE!

Tiana Parade

Elise was tall enough to ride most of the rides, all though she didn't really care for most of them.

Uncle Ty trying to multi-task

The most favorite ride of all.....POOH BEAR! We rode it 8 times!

But the best part of the whole trip was having all Brian's family together. We got to block out the world for 5 days and just be with each other. I had many times I would start to get a little teary eyed thinking about all of us together. Thanks Grandma and Potter for the passes! We had a GREAT time!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4 more days.....

Until were here!

And this is how we've been prepping our girls. Watching You Tube videos of the rides.
Elise has the first few rides picked out. Pooh Bear First, then Pirates, Dumbo and then Alice. She is our tour guide apparently!

Can't wait!

Finally we got something good out of running!

Brian got to run in a half marathon last week, he found out he was running in it the night before! (Thanks Royce for asking Brian, and that your B-I-L for dropping out!) The race was at Thanksgiving Point. He did really well I think he got like 5th? Brian will post I comment if I'm wrong. But after the race they gave him free passes to Thanksgiving Point for our family! So we took advantage of the Dino Museum. These pictures are backwards than the way we went.

Digging for bones

Melody would not take her eyes off this shark!

Look out T-Rex!
Sisterly Love, ahhhhhh.

Dressing up like a dino
We also tried to do the Tulip festival but when Elise found out about the Dinosaurs she didn't care too much about the flowers.

And here is Melody just being our Stink in cute girl!

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