Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My cute kids

Too many cute ones to just pick one.

Man I love these kids, they make me crazy and are starting to give me wrinkles but they are so worth it.  It’s nice to document them looking so sweet and cute. On rougher days or days when they look like orphanages I like to look at these pictures to remind me they are beautiful.




The Basement!


We’ve been working hard for about 7 months finishing the basement. It’s been done before Alice came, I just never got around to posting about it. We finished 1 bedroom (my craft room), and family room . The Yellow room is the girls room and it was finished when we bought the house. We LOVE having a big toy room for the kids to play in. Plus we finished under the stairs, which is a dress up room. We also had our neighbor do a moose mural in their, there is a moose for each member of our family with our handprints for the antlers.  The last 3 pictures need some explanations, the green room that looks unfinished will be the bathroom, we just ran out of money to finish it. We paid cash to finish the basement, and now we have to wait until we have more to finish the bathroom. This is how we roll. Smile The last picture is of the drum sticks that go to Brian’s drum set. That’s where I hide them, above a door frame, out of reach from little hands. Smile We are very thankful to be able to do this. Brian did a lot of the work himself, he learned a lot! Good job Moose! Now we are very done with house projects for a LONG time!

First Day of School!


2nd Grade and Kindergarten!

Can you tell they were a little excited? Smile

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