Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dance Competition

Our one and only dance competition of the year! The girls did great! Elise had freestyle, clogging and jazz.

Melody did a freaking cute freestyle!
They both placed first in freestyle and Elise's clogging got first. Her Jazz got 2nd. They were really excited for this event. Brian and I were actually working this competition (I was doing line up and Brian was the EMCE) So that added to the fun/stress of the day. I'm so grateful for wonderful Grandma's that were so helpful and willing to step in and help us. Love you guys!

I have video of them dancing, but it's not working at the moment. I will try my best to get them up. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well's Happenings

I know you have all been wondering (all 2 of you) what's been happening in the Wells household. We'll here's the run down.

1st Elise lost her first tooth! You can't really tell from the picture, but it's one of her lower front teeth. Now the one next to it is lose too!
The tooth Fairy came and left this for her. :) She got to go to the dollar store the next day, she picked a butterfly net. I was shocked, I thought she would for sure have picked a treat. Getting the tooth out was quiet traumatic for her. It was soooooooo lose one night, like barley hanging on. We kept trying to convince her she just needed to wiggle it a little more and it would totally come out. She refused, Brian and I were afraid it was going to come out in her sleep and she would swallow it or it would get lost in her bed. So we had to lay her down and "help" the tooth along. All I did was wiggle it forward once and it fell out. Oh and did I mention she was SCREAMING her guts out the whole time! It even freaked Melody out! She came up to me and touched my shoulder and said to be nice to her sister. At least we got the tooth out. Such a DRAMATIC girl!

Brian and Ray have taken up the piano. Have I ever mentioned I love the guys in my life? :)

And this is how I found my girls this morning watching TV!? We have a couch, love seat, chair and auto man to choose from. But no, this is their choice of seating. Silly girls.

So there you have it. Were sure keepin' it real here!
Oh and on a side note, Brian has brainwashed, I mean convinced me to run a Half Marathon this summer. EEK!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

20 (cough cough) years old :)

Happy Birthday to me!

Look what my wonderful husband and kids got for me!
Isn't that the cutest bike! Now I can ride in style, plus have my kids in tow.
I love, love, LOVE it!


Since the beginning of January I've been attending a class called "Women on Weights." The instructor is a personal trainer, she gives you advice and motivation on how to lose weight and get fit. (And kicks your trash 2 times a week :) As I joined the class they were starting to do a "Commit to be fit Challenge," she sends you a book full of recipes and direction on how to accomplish this challenge. We all put in $10, and kept a chart up at class that we got points on keeping a food journal, attending class and exercising outside of class. She of course weighed us, got our body fat percentage, and measured us. Who ever was the "biggest loser" after 12 weeks got the money. I've really wanted to get this baby weight off,( I know this might make some people mad) but I've never had to count calories. I just exercise and the weight comes off. We'll now that I've had 3 kids my body has changed, I'm more like the rest of the population. So I've been keeping track of what I eat, attending my Women on Weights Class and working out everyday. This challenge was 12 weeks long, and our weigh in was today.

Guess what......I WON!

I lost 10lbs and went down 4% in body fat!

-Plus I lost 3/4 of an inch around my neck
-3 inches around my chest
-2 1/2 inches around my waist
-1/2 inch around my arms
-1 inch around my hips
-3/4 inch around my thighs
-1/2 inch around my calves

Plus, I got the $$$$$, $140.00 to be exact. :)

Now, I'm still not where I want to be. I think I have about 5-10 more pounds to go, but this was a huge boost in my motivation, that I can accomplish this. Did I also mention how much the ladies in this class boost you up! They were so happy and excited for me, nothing but praise and hugs. I LOVE this class! The instructor, Keena, is such a great person full of encouragement and motivation. So to sum it up, life is good. :)

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