Saturday, February 27, 2010

Crazy man!

Check out this stud! I just had to give a shout out to Brian. Since he graduated last may he's lost 20 lbs! This is a pretty bad picture but you can tell in his face he's lost weight. I also had to comment on his foot wear too.

Ya I know STRANGE!
He's trying a new form of running. These "shoes" are called 5 finger shoes. (I think they look like gloves for feet) But it's like running in your bare feet but with protection so your feet don't get destroyed! They have zero support so your arches will strengthen on their own. I know a little nuts. Brian's been very gun hoe about this form of running and we'll see if it works. He's read this book called "Born to Run" and it's really given him some insights about running. I think he's just crazy, don't even get me started about Chia seeds! But I love ya moose and I support keeping you in shape!

She did it!

Melody has really started to take off when it comes to talking. I think I understand about 1/2 of what she says. I think that's pretty good for 18 months. Love this girl!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Sophers!

Just got back from a wonderful trip to Denver. It was great! No plans really, just go hang out with my brother and his cute family.
First of all I have to brag, we traveled in this:
Yes all 4 of us! it We really did look like we belonged in the circus. You know part of the clown show. :) But we got about 40 MPG's so it was well worth it. Oh and did I mention we almost ran out of gas! We took I-70 their and didn't realized how far apart the service stations were. We made it, but Brian did the math and were pretty sure we only had about a 1/4 of a gallon left in the tank. Yes we learned our lesson and were a lot better about filling up on the drive back home.

Uncle Daniel with Elise. Can you tell Daniel and are related!? When we went to their church I kept hearing Daniel asking/telling people that we looked really alike. Finally I just started telling people I was the Female version of Daniel.

Every time I go to Denver I have to go to Pasquini's. Love their food!

Sophie showing me her dough. They give dough to the kids while we wait for our food. It's so great when the kids have something to keep them happy.

Look at my cute girl! I think she looks a ton older than she is in this picture.

These girls really love each other.
This is a play area in the mall, it's really nice plus it's free!

I just love this picture of Melody, so interested in her foot book.
Since we were their for Valentines Day, I asked Jessica if I could do dinner. She of course had no problem with that. I tired really hard to make it a "guy" Valentine's dinner. We had BBQ meatball subs, heart shaped pizza, shrimp cocktail, chocolate covered strawberries, and heart shaped brownies. It was soooooo good, I had a stomach ache when I went to bed that night. Due to over eating. :) But it was well worth it!
Daniel was so great to play his Viola for us, and the girls tried to play some mini violins too. Daniel is sooooooo good at viola but since law school hasn't really had time to play.

Don't quit your day job Brian! :)


Love this girl!
Snuggle time with Aunt Jessica.
Now for the main reason we came... Sophie's 3rd Birthday Party!
Princess themed of course.
Make a wish!
Here's fun video while we were driving. The girls love the song "Walk the Dinosaur." But I think Brian's pumping was the best! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's a Beautiful Thing :)

(No this is not an add for Shelf Reliance)

Since we've been married we've used every excuse in the book to not get our food storage in order. We'll wait till were in a house, till were done with school, for the vernal equinox, why when we can mooch off our parents?, to name a few. We'll now that we don't have most of those excuses any more and with Obama in office we decided to get our food storage in order.
I can't tell you how much of a comfort it is to have this. We have about a 6 month supply for our family. Have I ever cooked with this stuff....well no but I think if were in a desperate situation I won't be picky! So if their is a nuclear attack or whatever you guys can always not come to us! Gosh, get your own! :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Many Faces of Melody

A few days ago I snapped a picture of Melody, she then said, "Moe moe!" So I snapped a few more, then a few more. I asked her to show me a few signs too. Melody is really starting to grow up. Now we just need to get her to go to nursery with out whimpering and crying!

"Moe" or More






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