Monday, September 28, 2009

Mega Catch up Post!

Yup, I've been a slacker. I kept thinking nothing has really happened, but when I looked at my camera I guess we have done some things.
Got to go to the BYU game on Saturday. It was nice, almost like a date!
Ran into my BFF Beth, I really started to enjoy the game when I got to sit with her. :)
Thanks Potter for the tickets!

Just having fun

And this is what I got to sit next to the whole game!

Oh and I got to enjoy this too. Thats why I recorded it so the rest of you could enjoy it too. :)

These are my cute fairy girls. Girls are so fun!

Happy birthday to Mama Launa! I love this picture of Launa and Elise looking at her grandma admiring her.

This is Elise using her resources. I cleaned out the pantry and in the process Elise decided to make a desk! That's my smart girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009

In case your interested....

My husband Brian has always had an entrepreneurial spirit about him. And since he graduated with a masters in Finance he's really wanted to help others learn where their money is going. (Especially in this horrible economic time) He wants to start a small business helping people and teaching them how to budget and how easy it can be. So if your willing or interested please let us know and Brian would be happy to contact you.

We've been using a tool he's built in excel to help us know where our money is going and a budget since we've moved into our house and we can tell you where every cent goes and it's really opened our eyes to how fast you can run your bank account down to 0 and not understand how. Also how much money can be wasted on "fluff" or unnecessary things. (Side note: I was never a "budget er", I was scared and stubborn to use a budget. But now that I've started using this tool I'm really proud to say I'm a "budget er".) I know lots of people that don't understand why they don't have money to save or even get out of debt. Brian can help look at your finances and help you see why and help change it.
Feel free to email me or Brian if your interested :)
P.S. Don't know why they made our email's links, they don't go any where so don't click on them. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ch ch ch Changes!

A lot of changes have been happening at the Wells household.

This isn't really a change but my mom got this rain coat for Elise a few weeks ago and she is obsessed with it. She wears it all the time, even to the grocery store when it's 90 degrees outside. You should see the looks we get! :)
Elise started dance yesterday! She's in a combo class that does tap, tumbling and ballet. She did ok the first day, she was really shy in the beginning and kept playing with her skirt. She didn't even do shuffle step! (which she rocks at!) Hopefully as she continues to keep going she'll get over her shyness and I'm not letting her wear her skirt when she's dancing. I love her teacher too, she's in our stake and I spent 5 days at girls camp together so I know her pretty well. :)

We got our front yard in! Here's a before pic.

And an after! I know its kind of a bad picture but you can see the grass and some of the flower beds. Can't wait for next year when everything will be in full bloom. Now our next project expanding the driveway on the other side of the house.
And last Melody has really gotten better with walking, here's a quick video too see how she's a walking fool! Enjoy!

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