Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Letter

So, since I've turned into a "Frugalista" I just don't want to pay for pictures and cards etc. So I'm doing our family Christmas letter on our blog. :)

Lets start with youngest first,
Raymond Brian Wells arrived June 1st this year. He already decided he wants to to be different from his sisters, arriving c-section. He weighed 7lbs 14oz, and 21 1/2 inches long. He is now 6 months old and growing like a weed. He's tall and skinny and super wiggly. He's rolling over and sitting up. His smile lights up a room, and his sisters LOVE him to death.

Melody, 3 1/2
She is still our little Sassafras, and Mommy's big helper. She started dance this year, and tells me all the time that tap is her favorite. She really knows how to shake her booty and keeps us laughing.

Elise 5 1/2
We now have a kindergartner! She LOVES school, and is doing awesome. She started clogging this year, and is so cute to watch. She just did her first Freestyle competition and placed 1st! She is also a "little mommy" to her brother and sister.

Has never been more busy! Taking care of 3 kiddos really takes up your free time. But wouldn't change it for anything! Plus she's been really busy with planning girls camp (a week long camp for the teenage girls in our church), Primary chorister (teaching songs to the young kids in our church) and now Activity Day's (planning activities for the 10-11 year old girls in our church).

Still loves working as a Senior Financial Analyst for Adobe. They sure keep him busy (but I guess that's good job security). He's still running like crazy, and has set some really high goals for next year. But we'll save those for next years Christmas letter ;) He is also really involved in our church too. Being Elders Quorum President really keeps him busy serving and watching over the men in our ward.

Now to explain the STRANGE medical year we've had. In January our cute princess' caught pink eye (And gave it to Grandma Nina, sorry Grandma!) Then in February Elise swallowed a quarter! It was stuck in her windpipe, which resulted in a trip the Primary Children's Medical Center Emergency Room. They were able to dislodge it, but she came down with a fever and a bad sore throat a few days later. So back to the ER we went. Luckily she just had strep throat (which the doctors think she caught from our first visit to the ER) they gave us an antibiotic for it, we now know she's allergic to it because of the bad rash she got. In May Melody was being wiggly on Ann's lap and decided to jump right as she was looking down, which resulted in a broken nose, this was 2 weeks before she delivered Ray. When we went to the ultra sound and found out we were having a boy, we also discovered Ann had Placenta Previa (the placenta was blocking the exit). So we got to welcome our sweet little boy into the world by c-section (which Ann wasn't too thrilled about). But when Ray arrived it was a blessing because we found out he had 2 knots in his umbilical cord! And for the Grand Finale, in October Brian was playing basket ball at the church and went all out to stop the ball, and broke his thumb! Yup, that was just the icing on the cake for our weird medical year!

As we come to a close of 2011, and look back on everything that's happened were glad we really haven't had time for a dull moment.

Brian, Ann, Elise, Melody and Raymond Wells

Christmas Recital

Check out my my cute girly's :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy 1/2 a year!

Ray Ray turned 6 months! Crazy! My big boy is getting even bigger!

I can't find the paper that had his weight and height on it, but I do remember the %'s.

Head: 90%

Height: 90%

Weight: 50%

How can you not love that face!?

Ray is a joy in our lives. I love how his whole face light up when we smiles. He's getting more wiggly and grabby by the day.

Look how much he's changed. He's now a Blondie for one thing, and his face has really filled out.

Our Black Friday

So I normally I repel black Friday sales. I'm all for a good deal, but I have a thing with massive amounts of people in my personal space. :) Plus I had a dream I went Black Friday shopping and I got tasered. So I was planning on sleeping in and enjoying my family. But on Thanksgiving I found an add for these stools. I've been looking for a good deal on these stools since we've moved into our house. This deal was awesome $18.00 a piece! Normally they're about $30.00. Plus the store didn't open until 8:00 am. So we let the kids wake us up, and we went. We kind of pushed it a little too close. When we got there we grabbed the floor models, because that's all that was left. But the guy was nice enough to order us 2 more for the same price! So nice!

So happy early Christmas to me and Brian!
The girls eat their breakfast and lunch on them everyday.

And here are some silly pictures of my silly girls :)

Our Wall of Thanks

I got this idea from my friend Ashley. I put butcher paper on our pantry door and everyday in the month of November, we would put a different thing we were thankful for. The girls loved it, they would come up with some sweet things (like grandparent's) and strange things (like black spiders!). It was nice for me to think about what I was thankful for. Boy are we so blessed!

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