Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

mothers day program.

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Melody's preschool classs did a little Mothers Day program. It was super cute, they sang us some songs then gave us a plant. Their teachers also gave asked them some questions about their mom's. I love when they do this, because their answers are so random or really honest.

My mom looks prettiest when:
She puts on her jewelry

My mom's favorite food is:
a carrot.

She is happy when:
I smile at her.

My mom is 21 years old. :)

If my mom could go anywhere she would go:
to Walmart.

Her best friend is:

Her job is:
Sweeping the kitchen floor.

I Love my Mom because:
Whe she smiles at me it makes me happy.

Love you Deiters!

daddy daughter dance:-)

Elise's class did a talent show. Elise was too scared to do it by herself, so I told,  I mean asked Brian to do out with her.  SO. FREAKING. CUTE!

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