Friday, August 27, 2010

Elise just went in for her 4 year check up and Melody for her 2 year. My girls are growing great! They're both 50th for weight and 95th for height (Shocker!:) They've always been in those percentiles since birth, I love how they've never strayed :) The doctor was very impressed Melody is already potty trained. Elise had an eye test and did great. In all they're doing great. They each got 2 shots and a flu mist. Later that day I went to Target and that was the worst mistake of my life! I've learned never go anywhere after your kids get shots!

Elise started preschool on Wednesday. She's loving it! She gets to go three days a week for 2 hours. Melody and I are enjoying the one on one time too. I got to go grocery shopping with one kid! FREEDOM!
So proud of my big girls.
I Love being a mom!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

True Inspiration

Now I never thought my testimony would grow during potty training. But Heavenly Father cares about all of our problems and frustrations. We started potty training Melody almost 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks she was doing pretty well. Even at night. Then she went in for her 2 year check up last Monday. The check up went fine, the NP was very impressed she was potty trained. I told the NP about a cough she's had for 3 weeks and she thought it was allergies. Told me to get children's Zyrtec for her. Plus she got 2 shots and a flu mist. That day I could tell she didn't feel good and had a hard time making it to the potty. I figured it was the shots and just tried to be patient and wait it out. I started her on Zyrtec that Monday also. The rest of the week she did pretty horrible going potty. She'd pee in her underwear and act confused and almost never make it to the potty. I was very frustrated and turned to the Lord for guidance. I knew she could do it, because she was making it to the potty before. I prayed several times a day to the Lord for strength, patients and guidance to help Melody. Sunday morning as I thought to my self "I need to give the girls their Zyrtec" I had inspiration hit me! You need to Google Zyrtec and bladder control. So I jumped on the computer right away and did some research. I found out that antihistamines can cause bladder control problems and bed wetting, especially with children! Right then it all started to make sense! Around Monday is when all the problems started. I'd been giving Melody Zyrtec 1-2 times a day. I'd also been giving it to Elise and she's been fine but she's been potty trained for almost 2 years. Melody is still in the new phase of understanding her body. When Brian got home from his meetings I told him what I found and he was baffled that I would even think to research something like that. We both decided to not give her Zyrtec and see if she improves. That day we started to see improvement. She did great at church, that night she had a few accidents. But yesterday (Monday) she didn't have ONE accident! She made it to the potty every time and kept her underwear dry every time! Today (Tuesday) She's been great too. Her allergies have come back but I think I just have to let her live with them for now. You can't believe how much I've thanked the Lord for listening to my my prayers and helping me. It has really helped me understand He wants to help us with everything in our lives, if we just ask. Even with something as small as potty training. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU Heavenly Father. I will apply this lesson to more things in my life.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's DONE! (Well......pretty much:)

Our backyard is finally finished! After working on it for 2 summers were to the finished phase! Thanks a million to everyone who came over to help.

Yesterday we all just played and sat on our grass. It was so fantastic!

And a huge thanks to this guy. He worked so hard last year and this year to get the yard in. Thanks a million Moose. You did a great job!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Old MAN!

I can't believe I have a 30 year old husband! :) Some say when you hit 30 it's all down hill from there. We'll Brian is in the best shape of his life so at least he's starting from the top of the hill! :) hahaha!
So we combined his and Melody's birthday parties so the family wouldn't have to come out 2 times in the same week.

So many candles, but still not 30 of them. :)
Presents! Candy, a work out roller, and a BLUE RAY! He's wanted one of these for a few years now. I'm very grateful I was finally able to get him one. Thanks familia for going in on this gift. Really couldn't have gotten it without you.

Love you Moose! I can't lie that I love your very in shape body. :) I love how much you love us. I love how much you love and enjoy your job. Your the best guy I've ever met. And all though you drive me crazy with your anylitical brain, I of course love that about you too. Thanks for working so hard for your family. You deserve even more than I give you.

I heart you :)

Happy birthday old guy!

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Pea!

Melody turned 2!

We had sweet pea cupcakes.
I was very surprised when I asked her if she wanted to open presents first or have cake. She said, "i wanna blow out candles." I thought for sure she would have chosen presents! :)

Proud sister.
Melody got so many great presents!

When she got her boots and skirt she had to instantly put them on.

Her cute Snow White dress. SO so so cute!
More "Friends" :)
Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating such a great day!
Love you my Sweet Pea Melody!
You are such a joy in our lives. I love your spunkiness, but you do have a lot of sweetness. You and your sister are the best of friends. You are each others security blankets. And though I have times where I wonder if we had you too close in age I also love how close you are in age. You are speaking so well, you know so many signs, and your doing good going potty. I love your cute smile and dorky giggle. You were very much meant for our family. Love love love you Dieters! :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

What we've been up to...

A few mornings ago Elise woke up at 6:30, this is not normal. So she go to snuggle on the couch with Brian for about an hour
On Saturday we went to that fundraiser for cancer. We had a really great time. The girls got their faces painted and Brian took 2nd in the 5K! Gooooo Moose!
This is a common occurrence in the morning. The girls will take all the "friends" (AKA: stuffed animals) from the bed and haul them all downstairs.
So life is good :)

Oh and in case you were wondering, Melody is doing awesome! She maybe has one accident a day. She did start to revert for a few days so I had to potty train her at night because I think putting her in a pull up at night was confusing her. So she's now doesn't even use a pull up! I haven't changed a diaper in 2 weeks! So proud of my baby girl, and my Eliseie girl too. She was a big help to encourage Melody to go potty.

Love, Love, LOVE you my girlies!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kicking Cancer

A family member of Brian has a rare form of cancer. They are doing a fundraiser this weekend to help pay for her treatment. They are doing a 5K/fun run, a bake sale etc. Here's the link If your interested that would be great.

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