Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Girls

So here are the stats on my girls:


31 lbs. (50%)

39 inches (one inch away from riding all the rides in Disneyland! BOOYA!) (95%)


20.3 lbs. (50%)

29.8 inches (75%) This I'm a little sceptical about, I watched them measure her and saw the paper move so I don't know how accurate this is, I remeasured her when we got home and she was about 30 1/2 inches. Oh well it's not detrimental to her health so I'm not going to make them do it again.

But wow my girls are looking great, the doctor was really impressed with both of them. They were running around the office just laughing and screaming in joy! I love our pediatrician and I'm so glad my girls do too! :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I pulled it off!

My whole life I have never been able to lie, not to my parents, siblings, friends or my husband. If I had to lie to save my life I would probably be dead! But for the first time in my life I did! Your probably thinking why would I be so proud of such a thing? Well lets go back to last year August 20th, 2008. It was 5 days after we'd had Melody and it was Brian's birthday. I'm pretty sure all I did for his birthday was give him a kiss :). I had a very good excuse though, a baby who was 5 days old. But as Brian's birthday was coming again I felt like I had to redeem myself. So I called up Annika to get her and Royce (who works with Brian) in on the deception. I wanted to take Brian to Seven Peaks Water Park, it's only $6 if you come after 6:00. I had convinced Brian our friends the Colliers need our car to move stuff so I had to drive him to work. (wink wink) (which he was a little confused and put out about) Royce told Brian he wanted to go play tennis after work (wink wink) and so it worked out that Brian didn't have a car. Annika and I were going to get together and play while our husbands played tennis (wink wink). But after work when they got in the car Royce said Brian wasn't allowed to ask any questions :) And off he drove. Brian called me while Annika and I were waiting in the Seven Peaks parking lot asking me what I was doing. "Oh you know just sitting at home playing with the girls, Annika and I are getting together soon." (wink wink!) Then Brian proceeds to tell me he thinks Royce is kidnapping him. I just told him to call 911 if Royce does anything that makes him feel uncomfortable. :) But then they arrived and we all said Happy Birthday! I did it! I pulled it off! Brian didn't have any idea until they were right next to Seven Peaks! Thanks Riddles for playing along. Thanks Jenny and Fez for coming too. We had a great time.

Happy Birthday Moose! Not too many guys can say they celebrated their 29th birthday at Seven Peaks :) Thanks for all you do. You work so hard for our family. Your a great husband and dad, and even though your almost 30 and balding I'm so glad your mine! ;)

A Taste of my own Medicine.

Elise is such a funny girl, but I really never realized how much she listens to me or how much of me wears off on her. Yesterday we were in the car doing some errands and she'd asked me for the 10th time where we were going. I told her very sternly, I'd already told her where we were going and to not ask again. She then very timidly said, "I just want to talk to mommy." Oh my heart melted and I felt terrible! I apologized very fast and tried to continue a conversation with her. I guess I never realized or thought about that even a 3 year old likes conversation. Later that day though we were snuggling on the recliner and she said something I didn't understand so I said, "what did you say?" Her reply was,"I already told you! Don't ask again!" Yup felt like poop! Moral of the story, be careful what you say to your kids it will come back to bite you in the butt!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to Meddidy!

My baby is 1!

Opening presents with 2 fairies at her side. (AKA Elise and Lily)

Lovin her new soft blankie from Grandma Nina

Princess Kylie (Melody's BFF, they don't have a choice they're going to be friends)

The purple monkey is from her Mom and Dad and the bike is from Elise! (Ok so the bike was Elise's. So I decided to re-gift and get more use out of it:)

I don't think she liked it? Can you tell if she ate any? :)

Sunday morning Brian found our girls watching TV like this. Oh how I love my girls they don't even try and they bring a smile to my face so easily. The bean bag Melody is sitting on is from Grandma Launa.

The best gift of all was the gift Melody gave us. She decided to start walking on her birthday in front of all the birthday guests! She has refused to take one step until her birthday. Here's our second attempt after she did her first one. And since then every time she's tried she gets a little better. Good job Melody! We love you so much! You bring so much joy to our life. Thanks for your smile and wonderful spirit you bring to our home. We heart you so much!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Talented Sis-in-laws

I have the most talented sister-in-laws in the world! I'm so lucky to have 2 awesome photographers in my family. It does suck that they live out of state, but when they're in town I really have to utilize them while I have them. Jessica took my families pictures, and Cami took my girls pictures. I think they did a great job! (Especially when kids are involved)
This first one is my favorite

I wanted a field for all the pictures but couldn't really find one. So we took the family pictures at the Stallings farm. Then it clicked that I have a field right behind me!
When Cami came to take the girls pictures all the stars aligned! The lighting was awesome, the weather was great, and the girls were in a great mood! (This is rare!) Cami got so many good ones. These are a few of my favorites.

P.S. Elise LOVES her boots. I had cute matching shoes for her outfit but she begged to wear her boots. I'm happy I let her wear them because they've started to become her signature.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vegas Birthday

So after 5 days at girls camp I got home Friday afternoon, did some laundry and packed up for Vegas! (ya I know, I'm nuts!) All the grand kids birthdays (on the Wells side) are with in a month of each other. Gavin (July 23rd) lives in Arizona and Elise (July 22) and Melody (August 15) live in Utah, so to get together to celebrate we decided on Vegas because it's about the 1/2 way mark for all of us.

All the cute kiddos

Elise got a Cinderella dress, cell phone and more princess stuff!

Everything Gavin got were cars. We gave him a transformer! "Autobots unite!"

Melody got the Little People Plane, a book and a soft frog.

Brian and I really wanted to take Elise to the Belagio fountains. Those are my favorite part of Vegas. Everything else is just garbage. Elise loved the fountains, we watched I think 3 different shows.

Cute family picture, minus Melody :(

Yum cake!

Loving it!

We had a great time! We also swam but I didn't grab my camera for that activity. Thanks Potter and Grandma for a great time!

Girls Camp Booya!

I survived Girls Camp! And Boy did I have a great time! I was called back in June as a girls camp assistant director. Since it was a stake camp I wasn't too stressed being called fairly close to camp. The stake plans about 85% of it and we fill in the other 15%. We got to go to the Heber Valley Camp, with cabins, running water, electricity, and showers! (When I went to girls camp our version of a shower was a water fight!) Needless to say we were spoiled. It is such a wonderful campground. It has a ropes course and a lake with paddle boats and canoes. I of course didn't have my camera for those though (Dough!) But the best part of camp were our girls, we were planning on 16 girls then 2 dropped out, then 4 dropped out the night before! We were pretty bumed but the rest of the girls that came were super fun!

We each had our own bed but we had some girls that wanted to share!?

This was our only first year, Kaylie. She was such a little ball of energy! She is sooo tiny, she came to my elbow. She brought these P.J.'s and we provided the accessories to make our baby well......look like a baby.

Some of our girls hanging out in our cabin.

This is my girls camp BFF, Meegan. She was so funny to be around, and we found out on the last night we have the same birthday!

Playing games, I know most of these pictures are in the cabin, we really did leave once in a while.

These 2 are sisters, I didn't believe them at first. They look nothing a like.

Making home made root beet! MMMMMMMMM!
It was so nice to be in the wilderness for almost 5 days. We all got along for the most part. :) (girls will be girls) I was surprised how many camp songs I remembered, (I think they stick with you for life!) We all got awards at the end of camp, I got the BFF award. But then a majority of the girls thought I need the 25 going on 15 award. I didn't quiet know how to take that......

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