Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Pics

Just got our family pics back. A friend in our ward offered to take our pictures since we got her such a great deal on photoshop. She's a great photographer, and was very good with our girls. Especially Miss Sassafras, Melody. Cami and Jess if you lived closer you guys are always our first pick for photography though :)

Compliments of Haylie Lyn Photography :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Growing up :)

So my girls are so funny. They amaze me at how cute they can be. I had a guy in the supermarket tell me how cute they are and asked if I was interested in them modeling or acting. Not too sure if he was la git, but it was sure a great compliment! ;)

Elise has been quite the big girl lately. She keeps telling me and everyone around that she is helping potty train Melody. I've got them both in the routine to go potty before we go outside or pretty much leave the house. They will go potty at the same time. Elise on the big potty and Melody on the little training potty. I sent them both in to go potty and then got distracted. By the time I got to the bathroom Elise had pulled Melody's pants down, Melody went potty, Elise wiped her, pulled her pants up and proceeded to empty the little potty in the toilet! She even rinsed out the potty like I always do. Then she asked Melody if she wanted to wash her hands or use hand sanitizer. DANG! I was very impressed and asked if she could babysit for me. :) She apparently is doing ok with out me. That's my awesome big girl!

Melody is getting so great at singing. She tries so hard to get every word in. Right now her favorite movie is Mary Poppins. I love it when she dances around singing all those wonderful songs. The other night she was being a punk and not going to sleep. Brian and I were down stairs enjoying her beautiful voice through the baby monitor. Now you can enjoy it too!

Oh how I love my beautiful girls. We have our bad days and are good days, but everyday I thank Heavenly Father that the good always out weighs the bad.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vegas BABY!

Vegas Birthday Bash!
For Labor Day we met Jen and Jason in Vegas for a grand kids birthday party. Pretty much all we did was swim, play games, eat and PARTY!

Good thing Gavin got his own Buzz Lightyear cake. He took a huge bite out of his cake.
Princess cake for the girlie's
Pretty much everything they got was princess, Tinkerbell, and Minnie Mouse. All the basics for Disney brainwashing.:)

Jenny and Fez gave the girls these cute slippers from Turkey. They LOVE them, they call them "Jazmin shoes." Elise is so excited to bring her shoes for show and tell at preschool.
While we were in Vegas we went to this great aquarium. They had HUGE sting rays, Dori fish, and tons of other fish I've never seen before.

At the Condo they have a great swimming pool and a lazy river.
Don't worry grandma can handle anything! :)

We had a great time just relaxing and spending time with the Wells fam. Wish we could all be together more often.

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