Thursday, July 29, 2010


My Melody is potty training!
It's true when they say, potty training is the armpit of parenting! But it's not been as bad as when we trained Elise. She was my Ginnie pig child. So I learned what not to do for Melody. :)
I wasn't planning on training quite this soon (she's only 23 months old) but Melody kept taking off her diaper, kicking and screaming when I would change her diaper. And say "No diaper" when I try to put a diaper on her. So I finally bit the bullet and went for it. She's doing pretty good. I'm doing the "3 Day Potty Training" I did with Elise. Were on day 3 and she's so close!

I had to search for underwear this small.
Look at this cute bum!
Keep up the good work Melody. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

She's 4!

My Eliseie Girl is 4!
She had a great day! We did a buggy birthday party.
We had a bug hunt

Made caterpillars out of egg cartons

Lily and Kylie gave her a Cinderella Barbie

Savannah, Isaiah, and Mary gave her a princess phone.

And we are buggy cupcakes!

For lunch she wanted to go to Artic Circle

While they were playing on the Play Place a little boy starting slapping Melody (he had to have been 5 or 6). When I went over to her I yelled at the boy and told him we don't hit and swept Melody away. She was very hysterical. She had hand prints on her cheeks and her neck was very red too. Poor baby. The boys mom did make him come over and apologize. But boy my "mama bear" instincts were really going. It took a lot to not put the boy in time out and the parents that weren't paying attention!
After lunch my mom took Melody home and Elise and I went on a Date!
We went to go see Toy Story 3. We got their about an hour before it started. So we walked around all the shops to kill some time
It was nice to spend one on one time with Elise. We got to go explore all the shops and Elise was really calm the whole time. (I think because she didn't have her partner in crime with her :)

And then she crashed in the car :)

That night we did a family birthday party. She got a lot of great things, a quilt made by Grandma Nina.
New Rain boots! Since some how her old Green ones wound up in the garbage :)

A Princess Ariel bath toy. From Jason and Candice

Bethy, Brett (holding baby Jaycee) and Candice
Jason, Great Grandma Chapman, Jenny and Fez


Grandma Launa and Great Grandpa Glen

Her Caterpillar cake!
She got a bike from Mom, Dad, and Melody. And the helmet is from Grandma Launa and Potter.
She's still getting used to riding her new bike, she's getting better everyday!
I wish I could really express how much I love this girl. She's such a ray of sunshine in my life. She's a big help to me and shows me everyday how smart she is. She can now go potty all by herself, dress herself, and her knowledge of the gospel grows continually. She's ready to go to Preschool on the fall, and loves to go to dance class. She's getting so big and mature.
I love love LOVE you Elise!

Creepy crawley

I found these guys eating my tomato plants! Look how huge they are! That's Brian's hand so you can size it up better. I think it's Heimlich the caterpillar from Bug's Life! So creepy! After we took pictures of them we tossed them into the field behind our house. :)

Uncle Love!

All though my Big Brother is now a dad, he still makes time for my girls. Never a dull moment when Uncle Jason is around. :)

I think they were trying to make a tent? And Jason was the poll?

Like a fish to water...

Nuff said. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Their are tears in my eyes....

I can't believe my girls are almost 2 & 4! While Cami was in town I had her take my girls Yearly pictures. They were a little bit of a stinker, but we got some good ones.

They do love each other. All thought their are days I wonder... :)

I love this picture, this is my Melody through and through!

Elise is getting a lot better at this whole posing and looking at the camera thing.

So grown up!

Thanks a million Cam! You are so very talented.
Soon we'll be getting family pictures done by a friend in our ward. Wish us luck! I always dread family pictures. Boy I need to change my attitude!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome Baby Jaycee!

On 7/11 my brother Jason and SIL Candice had their cute baby girl, Jaycee.
She was 8 lbs. 15 oz.
20.5 inches long
She is the heaviest of all the grand kids so far. She has a double chin, chubby cheeks and chubby thighs! So happy for Jason and Candice.

My girls were so happy and excited to hold her.

Welcome to the world Baby Jaycee! Your favorite Aunt can't wait to hold you again. :)

Our new Fence!

Adobe (Brian's work) gives all their employee's the week of the 4th of July off. So instead of relaxing and taking it easy Brian built our fence. First they needed to dig the post holes. We found out how horrible and HARD the soil is out here. Brian and my dad are both on the digger and it still didn't budge!

Here's the practically finished product
Isn't it beautiful!
Thanks a million to all the family and friends that came over to help. We owe you all big time.

Were so happy our yard is coming along. Our next project is sodding the backyard.

P.S. here's my little garden this year. I'm pretty proud of it. Can't wait to do a bigger one in the ground next year.

Jackson Hole Bryson Family Reunion

Over the 4th of July we went to Jackson Hole for the Bryson Family Reunion. We did all the normal stuff we do every year with Brian's immediate family but this time we had the huge bryson side with us.

Hiking Jenny Lake

The girls made sure the go a stick on the hike.

My heart just melts when I see this picture.

Melody enjoyed her pudding cup!

Elise fell asleep in the car, but lucky for her she had Grandma Bryson to hold her head up. :)

Love this girl, but I love this outfit even more!

The kids climbing on the wall.

Yes Brian is in the kid category.

Cute girly!

We had such a blast spending time with Brian's cousin's, aunts and uncles!

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