Saturday, January 28, 2012


Guess who got a taste of his first chocolate chip cookie...............:)

St. George 2012

Our yearly St. George trip was a blast! (as usual)

The race this year was rainy and cold!
Brian rocked his 1/2 marathon at. 1 hour 43 min.
I did the 5k in 33 minutes, my goal was to run the whole thing and I did it!

I'm so horrible at taking pictures! Bethany and Brett came with us (sorry I didn't document you guys:( ) but they made it suuuuuuper fun! We just relaxed at the house and then got sushi. Yum! It was a great kid free weekend with my besties!

Happy 8 Yeras

Happy late anniversary!

For our anniversary this year we got much needed massages and sushi. (Yes we've discovered sushi and LOVE IT!)

We were hoping to attend a session at the temple but our babysitter (my parents) got the horrible stomach flu so we had to cut it short.

It's been 8 wonderful years, and I love you more and more everyday. Your the man I dreamed I'd marry. I think I'd define our marriage like cheese, it get better over time. :)

Love you Moose!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Merry Merry Merry Christmas!

Christmas was GREAT! The kids got most of the things they asked for, and Santa didn't mind that we forgot to put the milk and cookies out. Oops!


Over the Christmas Break my brother Daniel and his family can into town. Since they don't get to see us very often, they notice more when our kids have grown and changed. He kept saying how Melody was MY child. Meaning she acts and looks just like I did at her age. She is sassy and knows what she wants and will achieve it! Yup that sums me up! I pulled out this picture of me at age 4. Wow! She really is MY child. My mom LOVES it when Melody do you put it.....Like ME! Be careful when your mom says, "When you grow up, I hope you get one just like you." It will come true. :) But really, I LOVE this girl. I understand her, I just hope she doesn't start slamming her door when she gets sent to her room like I did. :) Good time, good times :-)

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