Monday, October 11, 2010

The BEST Weekend!

Have I ever told you how much I love my husband? Well I do! He's such a great man, he can read me like a book! And he could tell we had a long hard summer with finishing the backyard, 2 marathons, and Brian being Elders Quorum President. We really didn't get to see each other too much. So he kidnapped me and took me on a weekend get away!
Unfortunately I got a stomach flu Thursday night. So Friday morning I was still pretty yucky so Brian had to inform me of what he was planning. But I said a prayer and a few hours later I was feeling a little better. Brian really thought of everything, he got another mom to sub for me for carpool. Packed the girls, got his parents to take the girls, and packed a lunch.
First stop, The Qquirrh Mountain Temple. We were able to attend an endowment session.
Then we went up Albion Basin and tried to hike Catherine's Pass. Since I still wasn't feeling 100% we just hiked to the snowline. YES you heard me, snowline!

Then on the way down the canyon Brian stopped at Snowbird to go the the bathroom but I noticed he took his wallet with him? Then he came back with a parking pass for the car. I asked me, Are we staying here? :)
That night he told me to dress in my Sunday dress and we went to The Lodge Bistro. Brian made reservations a few weeks ago. When we got there we were at a table for 4? Hmmmmm......I kept guessing but Brian wouldn't tell me. Then in walks Beth and Brett! I think Brian has made it a goal to include Bethany in most of my surprises;)
The next morning we bought a snowbird pass that let you do anything at snowbird.
We rode the tram. (It was soooooooooo cold at the top!)

Did the ropes course and the zip line

Then Potter showed up with the girls! Our getaway turned into a family day!

October Fest was going on while we were there

A bounce house and slide!
Riding the chair lift to the Alpine Slide

The Alpine slide. The girls favorite!
Then we found a fun play land!
Check out these swings?
By the afternoon we were freezing. So Brian asked me where I wanted to go. I decided to go to the Church History Museum Downtown.

Coloring and playing with pioneer toys.
My creepy smile.
A replica of the podium at the conference center.
For dinner I chose Geckos. Always a family favorite.
Elise took this picture. Not too bad for a 4 year old!
To end the wonderful day we took the girls to Toys R Us to "help them know what to ask Santa for Christmas" ;)
Such a great weekend, other than the heat not working in our hotel room, which they gave us a space heater to use that night and knocked $30 off our room. It was a blast! Oh and to top it all off there was a BYU home game that Saturday too, and my wonderful husband missed it for us!
If you know my husband this is a rare thing for him to miss a BYU home game. Such a sacrifice!
This getaway was very needed, for me and the girls. We really miss having Brian around as much as he used to be. Thanks for sacrificing soo much to be with your family.
We love you Daddy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finishing touches

We (as in Brian) have been working on staining our fence. The HOA requires everyone to stain their fence's this monetary gray color. I wasn't a huge fan of it in the beginning but it's starting to grow on me. I still don't have a huge problem with the HOA like a lot of my neighbor's do. I still think the pros of having an HOA out weighs the cons. This is the last big big project this year. Just this last finishing touch.

Pooping Princess

Guess who filled up her marble jar? MELODY! She is doing sooooo good going potty. This is the last prize she got got filling her marble jar. She is quite the pretty princess.

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