Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pagosa Springs, CO

 My side of the family (the Chapman side) had a suuuuuuper fun time in Pagosa Springs, CO. Have you ever heard of Pagosa Springs? Ya, we hadn't either. But it was such a fun place! Small town feel, but still had a lot of fun stuff to offer. We stayed at condo that were like the size of a house. It had 4 condos in one little building, plus 2 of the 4 connected. It was such a perfect set up. So each family had their own condo. One of the days we went to New Mexico (it was only an hour away) to ride a train.....all day......with 9 kids.....ages 5 and under. I wasn't too thrilled, but it was sooooo fun!  We rode the train for about 2 hours and stopped at  a place that had lunch waiting for us. Then we rode it for another 3 hours. The kids were FAN FREAKING TASTIC! Even the workers on the train were shocked with how great our herd of kids were.

 Check out our cute boys! Jacob and Ray will soon be BFF's. I think it's engraved in little boy DNA to love trains. The moment the whistle blew on the train Ray started to make the same toot. After we got back from our train adventure Ray was out cold. Brian was trying to get him in the car and the train whistle started again. He sat up from a limp sleep and started hooting along with the train again. So funny!
 Gotta do some mini putt!

 We went to some hot springs while we were there. (since their is "springs" in the name, you need to experience some.) We thought the kids would last a few hours, but we stayed for about 5 hours! They were in heaven. They have a few hot springs that are 110 degrees! All the guys were challenging each other to sit in the "Lobster Tank" (110 degrees!) then sit in the river (about 40 degrees) that was going through the place, then you have to sit back in the lobster tank. Matt said he wouldn't respect me unless I did it. So naturally I had to do it! It wasn't a great experience, but I did it!
It was nice going from Disneyland (a very go go go trip) to a nice relaxing trip. I really needed it! The kids were great, they never fought, they shared really well, and they had so much time to play and get some really good cousin time in. I couldn't get pictures of this, but we also had a glow in the dark party. I bought a bunch of dollar store glow wands and we danced for about an hour in the dark. It was pretty epic. :)

Happy 1st Birthday Ray Ray!

 My Baby Ray turned 1! He was lucky enough that his birthday fell on his sisters dance recital. (Sorry buddy, but get used to your sisters dance taking over our lives. :) Good thing he's young and won't remember. We did a little get together with Brian's family afterwords. He was of course spoiled, and I didn't get pictures of half the stuff he got. Also don't judge me on his cake. It was really cute, until it feel into the sink. After that it just looked pathetic. Like I said, good thing he wont remember it. :)


Since my family was already in Pagosa Springs for his birthday, we celebrated again when we got there (a day later) Lucky boy, he got to celebrate his birthday twice!

I think he had a good time. :) 

I'm so proud of my baby boy! He's now a crawling fool. Not quiet ready for walking, unless he's assisted by someone or furniture. He's such a happy baby. His smile just melts my heart. I never thought my son would have such a special place in my heart. Plus he LOVES his mama. :) He can feed himself really well, and we haven't found anything he won't eat. Plus he eats all the time. It's nice to have a good eater finally. He's getting into everything more and more. I just love my big boy!

He had his 12 month check up, and yup he's super tall and skinny.
Height: 31 inches 90%
Weight: 21.7 lbs 50%
Head: 19.2 95%
The girls had such a fun year in dance. It was fun having them both in, doing their own thing. I'm such a proud mama. They both love it, and are doing great! 

Melody Jazz

Elise Jazz

Melody Tap

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Elise’s Clogging

Sneaky Sneaky :)


So I forgot to mention, we didn’t tell the girls we were going to Disneyland. Smile We just told them we were going on a trip to California, which was not a lie! They are such “go with the flow” kids that they were fine with it. Then when we drove by the entrance we just let them figure it out on their own. So here is Elise’s reaction, some of Melody, but mainly Elise. I love my kiddos. The best part of her reaction is the denial in the beginning.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sea World


Disneyland 2012!

Disneyland was a blast! The kids were so good, it was 5 days of pure awesomeness! We rode Pooh Bear first, and I think it will be a family tradition from now on to have that be our first ride when we go. We got everything in that we wanted, and then some!

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