Friday, March 27, 2009

What the!?

So I made myself a Lean Pocket for lunch the other day and as I cut it up I realized it was EMPTY!? It was supposed to be a pepperoni and sausage pizza but there wasn't a morsel of pizza inside! I just had a pocket, so I of course took a picture to share with all of you. I think I'm going to go to Hot pockets website and show them this picture, who knows maybe I'll get a few coupons from this. :)

Tunnel O luv!

I love my girls so much! They are really starting to interact with each other. Melody's face lights up when ever Elise walks into the room. As I've started packing I found and changed Melody's tummy time mat into this tunnel thing. It was so cute they were both sharing this tunnel o luv!

Such a Cheeser!

Melody is getting pretty close to crawling, she still hasn't mastered rolling but as I thought back to Elise she didn't either! She gets up on all fours and bounces back an forth. She is trying to scoot too. I hope she just waits until after we move because our apartment is a disaster area! I already have Elise packing and unpacking boxes for me, she doesn't need a side kick!

A Good Birthday

I first just wanted to thank everyone for all the text's, phone calls, and messages on facebook. It's always such a joy to know you are loved on your birthday. So on my birthday it really wasn't exciting, I just got lunch at Village Baker with my mom and Candice. But my BFF Bethany came over and we went and did some errands. (I know hold on to your seats!) And as I was driving home my Dad called me and needed some one to bring him an extra key to his car. Why might you ask? Because his were in his locked car! So I turned around and went back to my parents and got what I thought was the extra key, and then found out it wasn't. So I drove my dad back home (so I guess I could say I got to be a hero on my birthday because I had to "save" my Dad!) and then headed back for home, but Brian's uncle (our realtor) called and asked if I was in the area because we needed to sign another paper. Went and picked up that paper and went home. Bathed the girls and put them to bed. Brian didn't get home from class until 10. I know very eventful birthday.
The next day was better, I got the above flowers delivered to me (I've never had that happen yet!) They are so gorgeous! Did some more packing, and found this double jogging stroller on KSL classifieds! So these 2 pictures are my gifts. But it gets better! Brian got done with his final around 7:45, helped me put the kids to bed and watched Twilight with me! I know, I thought he was joking!
Here are the girls in the stroller, it was 30 degrees outside but I had to try it out just once! I'm now waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can really use it!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Speaking of poop.....

Ya I know oober gross. But my Elise has finally mastered #2 in the potty. She has been a pro when it comes to #1 since we started potty training back in November, finally #2 has caught up! She's had no accidents since last week. I tried helping her from every angle, forcing her to sit on the potty, bribery, threats and taking away her blessed movies. Nothing worked, the silly girl just had to finally decided she was ready. YAY ELISE!!!!!! mom is so proud of you! Now I know she is officially ready to go to pre school and dance in the fall!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pictures of our soon-to-be house!

So we haven't closed on our house yet, we should be done with that process on or before April 2nd. We love this house! We can't believe were getting a home like this as our first home, we feel so blessed. We've gone without for so long that this house feels like a mansion. The apartment were living in right now is about 1,100 square feet and our home is about 3,100 square feet!

Master Suite
Master Suite continued
Master Bathroom
1/2 of the master closet

Family room

P.S. Our house is in Eagle Mountain :)

We miss you Sophie!

We love it when family comes to town. Daniel, Jessica, Sophie and Tessa came to visit. Elise and Sophie are BCF. (Best Cousins Forever) They get along so well (ok just pretty well but hey they're 2!) We had a great time while they were here, they left yesterday and we miss them already!

Monday, March 16, 2009

So Funny

A few weeks ago we went to an Artic Circle so my mom could get a brown topper. (she wanted it for her birthday) Elise loved playing in the play area, and I got this awesome picture. My daughter looks like she needs medication, but she did have a great time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I thought Sunday was a day of rest!?

Ok before I start my story I have to say I love my calling very much.... So Sunday rolled around and I knew some people must have forgot about daylight savings. So when sacrament started I was surprised to see a pretty good turn out. But as the hour kept going I kept looking around for the members of the primary presidency (I'm the 2nd counselor) and I couldn't see any of them. Then as I kept scanning the congregation I could only see one nursery teacher and we have to nurseries! Then towards the end the one nursery teacher ran out!? I wasn't planning on teaching sharing time so my mind starts to think what can we do????? Play hangman!? So during the closing song I ran out into the hall just to make sure, and there is our primary president, her husband (who is a nursery teacher) and another nursery teacher. They all forgot it was daylight savings! (sigh, and now I can breath) Our poor secretary was really really late and showed up in the middle of primary. So I was relieved I didn't have to teach and also find subs for nursery. So I do my normal stuff, checking on the teachers making sure everything is ok. We had a few sunbeams break down. (but that's a normal occurrence) I had Melody with me and she was just sitting on her blanket playing with toys. So as soon as primary was running remotely smooth, I sat in my seat, pick up Melody and put her on my lap. bounced her a few times and then realized she'd had a blowout! All over her dress and my dry clean only skirt! So I scoop her up and the diaper bag and rush to the ladies room. I luckily had a onesie to put her in, cleaned her up and went to go find Brian. He was being a good boy sitting in Sunday school. So I had to go into Sunday school with my poop skirt to get the keys and had over my poop machine of a child. The whole time people were looking at me like, does she know she has yellow stuff on her skirt? I rush home to change and throw Melody's dress in the wash. Come back to church and primary is almost over. (Urgh!) I know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, but it normally is my most crazy day! That day is an extreme, it's normally not that bad, but wow I thought I was going to pass out from the stress! Oh and on top of that it was our fast Sunday and I am now finally able to fast again. (I've had a year and a half break between being pregnant and nursing) Not the best day to go without food. On a better note were now under contract with a home! We still have a lot to do, but yay! I'm glad to finally be to this point!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

So I've lost my voice (I barley have enough voice to talk to my kids) on the worst day, (well I'm not sure there is a great day to lose your voice) but today is my Mom's birthday and I can't even call her! So I guess this will have to do. So Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much. I'm so proud to have you as my mom, you have the greatest spirit, and a strong testimony. You are a great example to me momma! I think about this all the time but you've out lived your own parents for almost 10 years, and everyday I'm so thankful to have you another day. Your such an awesome grandma too. My girls love you so much. Even right now they can see your picture and are so excited, saying "That's grandma!" Your also a great example to me when it comes to staying in shape. I still think it's not right that my mom wears a smaller size than me, but you look amazing. Your a great motivation to have around. :) I love you so much, and my family loves you too. So Happy Birthday! And I'll call you when I get my voice back.
Your Annie

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