Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Addition/False Alarm

I am proud to say I now have a nephew! Brian's brother Jason and his wife Jen got their baby boy on July 23, 2008. Elise and him were almost birthday buddies but it's still close enough. His name is Gavin Michael Wells. He weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 19.5 inches. He is already very loved and wanted in the Wells family. Were so happy for Jason and Jen they couldn't be prouder parents!

Now for the false alarm story. So Saturday morning around 6:30 ish I woke up to a slight gush of water. It was exactly like when I was pregnant with Elise so I figured my water broke. But I am 3 weeks away from my due date. So we called my parents they came and stayed with Elise, we went to the hospital, had to check in. They made me change into a gown, listen to the babies heart beat, take my blood pressure. Brian and I were wondering if they were ever going to check and see if my water broke. Finally they check and they can't find any "leakage." (Grrrr after all that song and dance!) So they told me to change my clothes and go walk around for an hour. So Brian and I walked around the 5 story parking garage and the hospital and came back. Checked me again, still can't find any "leakage." (Oh bother!) So I asked them if I just wet my pants, they tried to make me feel better by telling me it could have been other fluid then amniotic. (Yeah like Pee?) So I guess I'm getting old and need to start wearing depends, I thought I still had a good 30 years before I crossed that bridge! Oh well, on the bright side I have been having contractions since then. My doctor told me if this would have happened closer to my due date they probably would have let me stay and would have induced me. (Blast!) So I think on 08/08/08 I'm going to fake it and go in. That's not abusing the system, right? Oh well, I do think the baby need to cook a little longer so I'm happy it was a false alarm. Just funny that I can't control my own bladder. :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Girl

My baby girl turned 2 today! We had her official birthday on Sunday and she had a blast! We had a few friends and family there, but tried to keep it small. She was very "loved" (aka: spoiled) from everyone that came. Her big gift was a cupboard from Brian and I and cooking stuff. After she was done opening presents she said, "I wanna cook." Elise has really blossomed in her speaking and she just keeps maturing everyday. We are so proud of our baby girl, everyday is a new adventure with her.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Ultrasound update

Ok so last Tuesday I went in for another ultrasound, I had good news! The placenta has migrated! (Hip hip hooray!) I'm still not sure if I don't need a c-section, the ultrasound tech couldn't really answer that question, she could just tell me the placenta is well out of the way. I go to see my doctor on Monday so hopefully he will have good news too. I don't have anything else in my pregnancy that would prevent me from having a normal birth. So that's the scoop. Brian was kind of bummed that the baby might not have the birthday 08/08/08. But I would much rather, how do I put this..... not be cut open! (sorry moose). So today is exactly 1 month from my due date! But lets hope Melody might choose to come sooner. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

East Canyon

Well this last weekend my family had it's sometimes annual East Canyon get-a-way. We try to go every year but it didn't happen last year. This year we only had half the Chapman children, we still had a great time but Matt, Cami, Daniel, Jessica and Sophie were in our thoughts while we were up there. So pretty much everything we did revolved around water; swimming and boating! Now Elise hasn't had a ton of experience around big pools or lakes so we were worried how things might go. But with a life jacket on she felt a little more secure. Elise really liked the boat and we did get her on the tube a few times. We had to convince her it was a fun thing to do and she reluctantly agreed. She actually started to fall asleep the first time she was on the tube, until it hit a small wave and she almost fell off, that really woke her up! I think her favorite part about the boat was just dangling her feet off the back. I even got in the water for a few minutes, I put on the XXL life jacket and it fit around my belly but once I was in the water everything shifted and I could almost slip out of it! Everyone had a great laugh at my expense. Brian did some wake boarding and he also slalomed. It's been 2 days since we were on the lake and he's still feeling it in muscles he forgot existed. That night I had a blanket over my legs and they were resting on the coffee table. Elise some how decided this was her new "boat" she climbed on my legs and got in between them and moved the blanket so she could sit in it. She kept telling everyone this was her boat, I still don't follow but it was cute. We had a great time and Elise's first experience at East Canyon was a great one! It was nice to get away from the world for a few days and this trip meant even more to me when my doctor restricted me to only 50 miles from the hospital. So this was our families only trip this summer. I'm glad everything went well and we had a great time.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

So I know this is a little late but oh well, better then nothing right? Our 4th of July started on the 3rd, we went to the ReAL soccer game. My Dad's company sponsors the fireworks show every year so they always have free tickets to give to the the family. Free always makes it worth going. No one scored the whole game but ReAL did pretty good, I guess? I was preoccupied with Elise and her Friend Quinton, trying to give them some of the snow cone and making sure they didn't spill on me or them. Oh and did I mention the concrete stairs we were sitting next to. Toddlers always gravitate to things they can get hurt on. But we survived the game and everyone enjoyed the fireworks! Les Olsen Company never disappoints! Then the next day we just hung out with my mom and dad. Elise swam in the kiddie pool, my mom and I sewed and Brian "studied" aka took a nap in the basement. Then our friends the Loftus' came over for a barbecue. It's never a dull moment with the Loftus family. Then we just did fireworks in the circle. Elise really liked being so close to the fireworks, but was sooooo tired by the end of the night. She slept in until 9:00 a.m. the next day! Mom and Dad loved that part! So here are some of the pictures from the soccer game. On the 4th I thought I forgot my camera until that night when we were leaving I realized it was in the diaper bag. Curse my pregnant brain!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 Year Pictures

Elise just had her 2 year pictures taken a few days ago. In case you were wondering I know Elise isn't quiet 2 yet but I thought I should try and be on top of things before the baby comes. So she is a few weeks away from being 2, anyways. I have to say she was a stinker and didn't cooperate very well, that's why we have goldfish crackers in some of the pictures. We did get a few good ones, so just click on the link to see them all. Make sure to put my name in the customers name.

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