Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cali getaway

Brian and I got to go on a much needed getaway to California. Plus Brian needed to be their for work that week so Adobe paid for his flight, and we used a credit he got from a previous business trip to pay for my ticket. I went out a few days after Brian got their. I got to hang out with his cousin Michelle for the day while Brian finished working. She took me to some behind the scenes places. We had lunch at Fenton's, which is the ice cream place from “Up.” (You know at the end where they are pointing out all the red a blue cars?”) It was a cute place. Then she took me to the Oakland Temple, such a pretty temple with an amazing view out to the bay. I feel bad I didn’t actually get a picture with Michelle! Love you Michelle! Thanks for being so awesome!


IMG_3780 IMG_3784IMG_3785

Friday afternoon we left to go out to Salina’s to pick up our race packets. Then stopped at a yummy restaurant for dinner. Isn’t my hubby to handsome!?


So this was the BIG race I’ve been training for, since March. The Salinas Valley Half Marathon. (I know this is a crazy thing to do on our “relaxing” getaway, but this is how I get to spend time with my husband. I have to train and do a half marathonSmile) Anyways, It was such a fun race! Kind of chilly  and overcast at the start, but that’s great running weather! The race went through farms and vineyards, they even had signs labeling all the plants. Plus, running at sea level is awesome! My cardio was great the whole time, and once my legs went numb it was a breeze! Smile  Brian was my amazing mule/encourager. We finished in 2 hours 17 minutes! 7 minutes faster than my last half marathon! BOOYA!


After we finished, we drove out to Monterey Bay. It too was overcast a chilly, that we were bummed  about. It was still fun, riding bikes along the coast, running on the beach, and eating sushi until my belly got distended! Plus we got to stay in bed every night a watch the Olympics in peace.


Super duper fun weekend, with the best guy I know. Smile Love you moose!!!!

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