Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Brian GO!

Have I ever told you how much I love my friends? Especially this one. Bethy and I have been friends since we were one. And we lived conveniently right next store to each other. Brian and I invited Bethy and her hilarious husband Brett with us to St. George so I had a buddy to hang out with while Brian ran in a 1/2 marathon down their. Come to find out Brett's parents own a house in St. George. So they invited us to stay their.
It was a really nice house. Here's Brian and Brett (with his blankie) in the family room.

Brian almost to the finish. He had a new personal best by 4 minutes! 1:42:57. He ran 13.1 miles, an average of 7:52 per mile. Great job moose!
Afterwords Beth and I went to the St. George Temple and attended a session. The guys rested and hit a bucket of balls.

Did I mention the house we stayed at had a hot tub! Which really came in handy for Brian after the race. I love this picture of Bethy and Brett. Brett being funny (as always) and Bethy just rolling her eyes and staring in confusion.

We had so so so much fun. No kids for the weekend and just relaxed and did whatever we wanted. Thanks Bethy and Brett for a great weekend!
And thanks Mike and Launa for taking the kiddos!

Apron Time!

Sure do love this girl! Look at her model that apron so well. She such a natural!
I love having projects!
This is my latest. My mom made Elise and I matching aprons about a year and a half ago. Elise's now no longer fits her so I made her a bigger one. It was so easy. Elise's favorite colors right now are orange and blue so I let her help me pick out the fabric.

Bye Ty!

So this is really really late but, Brian's not so little brother left for the MTC about 2 weeks ago. He leaves for his actual mission this Wednesday. He was called to the Oregon, Eugene mission. So proud of this boy. He's had a ton of obstacles to over come just to get his papers in. He's going to be an awesome missionary. Our girls sure love him too.
Good luck Elder Wells!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little Miss Personality!

Like I posted a few posts ago, Melody is just FULL off personality! Here's another funny story about her antics.

We went to a wedding reception a few weeks ago for a girl I grew up with. We went through the line and then were sitting down catching up with old friends etc. Since they were mainly my friends Brian was such a good husband to watch Little Miss P while I chatted. The photographer really LOVED Melody, really who doesn't? So he took this picture above, then 3 seconds later Melody decided to do this.....
Ya that's right! She ran up to the groom, whom we don't know, and proceed to give him a big hug around the knees. And yes the photographer captured that wonderful, awkward moment for us too. Brian just kind of watched her in puzzlement then grabber her and brought her back to our table.

Gotta love our Little Miss P!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Zoo Lights

All I have to say about Zoo Lights is.....I'm glad we had discount tickets. Maybe 1/2 the animals were out. I was really disappointed that a lot of the indoor exhibits were closed too. But the girls had a really good time and I splurged and let them ride the carousel.

Elise really really really wanted to ride the Zebra, so we ran to get it.

Poor Gavin hated it. Sorry dude to inflict this on you. I just wanted you to have the same experience my kids did. :(

Ice Castles

Brian's Grandma & Grandpa invited us to go up to Midway to see some Ice Castle at the Zirmont Resort. When we got up their we found out they didn't open until 12:30. So we went to Heber for lunch at the Dairy Keen. The girls LOVED all the trains!

Then we went back to see all these amazing Ice Castles.
This is where they "grow" the icicles. Kind of like an Ice farm. (Ha ha ha!)
Brian's cute grandparents.
This reminded me of Old Faithful.
Cute Potter with Elise.
A family picture was a nice thought...
Thanks for inviting us Glen and Georgia!

Drum Roll Please.....

The Doll House!
This is the doll house my Dad made for me when I was little. Brian's Aunt Jan gave me the idea to do a handmade Christmas. So I took out the wallpaper, painted the walls, floors and furniture. Made quilts and curtains for the rooms. My parents and I still aren't sure why they never finished my doll house when I was little but it came in handy when I finished it this time around.

We of course needed a Christmas tree for the family room.
The kitchen, with a cooler on the table. In case barbie needs to go on a picnic or something.
Kids room, nothing fancy.
Master bedroom. With a billion pillows on the bed, just like most master beds. Except mine :(
I'm pretty darn proud of it.

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