Sunday, October 26, 2008

Melody's surgery

Well that dreadful day has come and gone, and you know what.... it really wasn't that bad! Not sure what I'm talking about? Well Melody was born with a cyst in the front of her mouth. Naturally we needed to have it removed since it would be in the way of her teeth and it was kind of ugly. So on Friday bright and early we headed to Primary Children's. We really had a great experience. You can see in the pictures she had a little mini hospital gown, and they let us walk her to the OR doors. She did do the saddest face though when we had to give her to the anaesthesiologist and say good bye. :( But the surgery was only 45 minutes!

She was super groggy though when they let us see her. She couldn't go home until she had about 4 oz. of clear liquid and was some what alert. So we had to poke her for about an hour before she would do anything. It was kind of funny though to see her try and suck on the bottle. She was numb, and I'm guessing it's kind of like after you get a cavity filled. Your telling your mouth to suck but it wont respond.

So after we took her home we were expecting a fussy screaming child, but she's been great! We were able to go to a Halloween party and the zoo and she never acted in pain.

And now we have a happy baby!

We love you Melody and are so happy your surgery went so well!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm it!

Thanks Jenny for the tag!

8 things I am passionate about:
1- My family
2- Doing the right thing
3- Dancing (well it's kind of died a little but in my heart I still am!)
4- Church
5- Friends
6- Food!
7- Projects (well when I have the motivation, watch out!)
8- Blogging

8 words or phrases I use often:
1- "Ness" I like to put it at the end of any word.
2- For the love of Pete!
3- That's ginormous!
4- Fantastic! (but in a very sarcastic way)
5- Sweet!
6- You're swell, (and Brian then finishes it by saying) But not swollen!
7- No offense (I blame my mother for that one!)
8- Oober

8 things I have learned from the past:
1- Keep inside words in! I lack that filter sometimes.
2- How much I appreciate my mom!
3- Prayer is always right there for you to use.
4- Raising boys is very different than raising girls.
5- Even though they won't admit it, my brothers really do love me and care about me.
6- I really need to lay off the "judging button."
7- Just enjoy what you have, don't focus on what you don't have.
8- Listen to kids, they really know more than you give them credit for.

8 places I want to go to or see:
1- Hawaii
2- Bahamas
3- Camping in all the different places in Utah
4- All the church history sites
5- Atlanta
6- England
7- Alaska
8- All 50 states (yes I know I've named some already but I can't think of anything else!)

8 things I currently need or want:
1- A new front tooth! It's now died and not the same color of my other teeth.
2- A double jogging stroller.
3- A new job for my husband (no offense to the one he as now, I just want one a little closer.)
4- A house
5- lose about 5 pounds
6- Motivation
7- A dish washer!
8- To get 2 of our windows fixed in our explorer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know it's called a blog not a brag but.....

So I just had to toot my own horn for a small moment. Since we now have 2 girls in the family, well technically 3 including me. Our bathroom has been over taken with hair bows, barrettes, and head bands etc. They were just starting to become one huge mess of hair stuff and our bathroom is sooooo tiny that every inch counts. So I came up with a few things to help our "hair dewing" a little easier. The first picture is a magnet board and the second picture are 2 belts I hung from the wall. This way all our flowers and bows stay nice and I don't have to dig through a basket to find what I want. As you can see though we do have a huge plethora of hair stuff and this has helped simplify my life a ton! Just thought I would pass along a little something to all you moms out there. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008


Ok so as a disclaimer I have to admit that I was a huge slacker when it came to taking pictures, I didn't take any of Melody. (Sorry terrible mother moment) I will try and be better next time.

Also I know we got to see Daniel, Jessica and Sophie about a week ago when they came for Grandad's funeral but we already had this trip planned.

Sooooo, Thursday morning bight and early My mom, dad, Jason and Candice took the 15 hour Amtrak train to Denver. Brian, Elise, Melody and I decided to do the 8 hour car ride instead. We thought about taking the train but the thought of being stuck on a train for 15 hours with a toddler and a baby you still are nursing; no thank you! The car ride went great, Elise was a little whinny but hey she's 2, and Melody was an angel!

The first day everyone but Jessica, me and the little girls went to the US Mint. Everyone was really surprised they don't give out free samples! :) And we went and met the Judge Daniel interned with over the summer. He let us wander around the courtroom, so Elise is in the witness box and Jason is the defendant. Then we did some shopping, well really all we did was my mom got stuff for the girls. We love grandparents! Then we went to the house of Molly Brown. Some of you might know her as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." It was interesting to know where she lived but her house is nothing like the portray it in the movie nor is she. I was kind of disappointed, oh well.

Day two we went to the zoo, (hey that kind of rhymes!) That was a blast for the girls. Elise kept asking to see the monkey's and her and Sophie kept trying to hold hands while they were in their separate strollers. So precious. We were so worn out after words that we just went back to the apartment and vegged.
We had a great time and Elise is now going through Sophie detox. We miss them sooo much already and we will hope and pray they can make it for Christmas. If not I think we might have to kidnap Sophie. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Private blog

So we've decided to make our blog private. All you guys who like to view our blog (or don't like to ;) please send me your email or leave it on a comment. This is your last chance. So even if you think I have your email don't assume anything. I want to make sure I'm not leaving anyone out. Have a great day. My email is:

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cute Video

So Melody has been cooing a lot more lately, I know the simplest thing is such a big deal.

And here's some more cute pictures too!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Picture Time

So we took the girls to get pictures together. I have to say that was the biggest joke ever! Elise was soooooo naughty and Melody could feel the tension in the room with Elise and the photographer so she was fussy too. We did get a few good ones, but you guys can view all the pictures for yourself. Enjoy!

Just make sure you put in my first and last name.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Grandad Chapman

Yesterday my Grandad Chapman passed away. He was 84 years old, and he and my grandma were coming up on their 60th wedding anniversary next month. He was the only grandfather I have had in this life. A few years ago in high school I wrote a paper on his life and I was so happy I did it. Grandad didn't really talk about himself very often, you normally had to pry it out of him. I learned a lot about him serving in WWII but also about the jobs he held (like a radio announcer, I still can't imagine that!) But the most important of all he loved the gospel and always kept up the changes in the church. He would always quiz us on how many temples the church has. He loved playing Yahtzee, and giving kisses on the cheek. Although I will miss him I'm happy he's not in anymore pain. A well known quote from him is and will always be,

"For crying out loud!"

I love you Grandad.

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