Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handy Brian

We gave our "drop area" in our house a face lift.

We really love it. It gives us so many more hooks, plus a bunch at the kids level so they can take and hang their coats up by themselves. The only down side was the vinyl lettering took the paint underneath it off! I've never had that happen before. It just makes me hate the brown paint even more than I already do. Great job moose! He did it all! You're amazing!

St. George 2013

We took our yearly January trip to St. George, but instead of making it a weekend get away we took the kiddos with us. It make for a differen't trip, but still fun. Beth and Brett were so sweet and patient with our crazy kids. I'm not sure why I never got a picture of them, but they were there! :)

 We found this cute golf set in the closet of where we were staying, and they have a putting green in the back yard. So the girls made good use of both. Elise was so funny with that visor, she wore it the whole time we were there.
Brian ran the half marathon while we were down there. I think this was the least prepared he's ever been for a race but still ran it in 1 hour 47 min! Not too bad! This is the first race ever that I missed him at the finish line. :( But he was a good sport and ran through the finish again for us.
Super fun weekend! It got up to 55 degrees! It was heavenly. Thanks again Beth aned Brett for the fun times. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Crazy Town

Chrismtas 4th Kid copy

In case you haven’t heard yet, #4 is on it’s way!

Due: July 21st, the day before Elise’s birthday! She’s pretty excited about that! Smile

At my first doctors appointment the nurse asked me what pregnancy this was for me. I said, “fffffour.” It’s really crazy to think I’m going to have 4 kiddos. We’ve got some changes and switching around bedrooms before this baby comes. But were really excited to make room for this sweet baby. 

Christmas Happening

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Prom 2012!

prom 2012 2prom 2012prom group 2012 sillyprom king and queen

So some of the “grown ups'” in our neighborhood put on another “Eagles Gate Prom.” This year the theme was “1940’s the War is Over.” I was able to get a hold of some vintage 1940’s clothes, like my Grandad’s World War II uniform, and also some accessories from my Great Uncle Jenkie who also served in WWII. It’s a good thing Brian is so trim and fit, because my Grandad’s jacket barley fit him. We did a murder mystery dinner before the dance and then danced the night away. Ok not really I think we were done and cleaned up by 10, we are quite the party animals. Smile It was really fun to wear my Grandad’s Sharp Shooter jacket, and dance to 1940’s music with my soldier. Smile We were voted Prom King and Queen! Don’t you love our wonderful crowns!? It was a super fun night, with good friends. I’ve decided it’s good to do silly things like this once in a while, it keeps you young. 

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