Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Time

So Christmas was really great this year! I have my two brothers in town, Matt and Cami and Daniel Jessica plus their daughter Sophie. Plus Brian's brother Jason and his spouse Jen were in town for the holiday's too. So life has been great having all the family in town. Elise has been getting to know her long lost aunts, uncles, and cousin. So Christmas day was very fun, Elise is kind of getting the concept of Christmas and opening presents. She got her first cabbage patch doll (Which she loves!) and an umbrella stroller that's her size to push her baby around. She got some Signing Time DVDs and books from the Chapman grandparents and a Shopping cart from the Wells grandparents. (They gave her more but those were the highlights.) All in all the day was really fun, but tiring for Elise. She fell asleep in Launa's arm's while they were dancing around the kitchen. So as the family starts to go home we will really miss them and we thank them for the long journey it took them to get her to Utah to be with us, we love you guys!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


So as you can see Elise's eye is progressing, and she looks a little drunk. (I promise she's not.) You really can't tell from this picture but her black eye kind of looks like Spot from 101 Dalmatians. I know I'm weird, just trying to look on the bright side!
On another note the past few days have been insane! Saturday Elise fell on her head, then Sunday she started to get diarrhea (don't worry I asked they are not related.) Then Monday I had to take her to see Dr. Good (her pediatrician, ya I know it's a cool name for a doctor) because the doctor at Primary Children's suggested I take her in to her doctor a few days later just to make sure. Everything checked out just fine. Then Tuesday she got an awful diaper rash because of the diarrhea and was screaming in pain, I called the doctor and too my surprise I can't do anything about it! Then today Elise got a temperature of 102! So I called the doctor again and they said to just watch her and give her Motrin, I checked her temperature about every hour, about the time she went to bed she was back down to 98, thank heavens. So From Saturday to today (Wednesday) I've called the doctor 4 times out of 5 days! I'm just happy the rash is better and her temperature is back to normal. So that's life in the Wells' house right now. Other than that Brian has his one and only final on Friday then he's done with his first semester! (hooray only 4 more!) And Brian and my family have a ton of people coming into town for Christmas! Life hopefully will be looking up for Christmas. I love you all and please pray that we'll have a better rest of the week!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


So this is what her eye looks like after one day. It looks like a make up job gone bad. I had to keep telling people at church today that I don't beat my child. But it is a pretty good shiner. Poor poor baby girl.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


So this Saturday Elise took a mega fall! Brian, Elise and I were at the church Saturday morning for meetings and cleaning the church. While I was in my meeting Elise got a poopie diaper so I left really quick to go change it. After I was done changing it I threw the diaper in the trash, then realized they have a diaper pail. (If you leave the diaper over night in a normal trash can it can really stink up the room.) So I left Elise up on the table for 10 seconds to grab the diaper out of the trash and put it in the pail. When I turned around I saw her land face/head first on the hard floor! She of course screamed and screamed, I tried to calm her down and eventually went and found Brian. We decided to leave early and take her home. When we got home her eye already started to swell up. We checked her pupils, and the eye that was swelling wasn't quiet responding like the other one. We called her pediatrician and they told us to take her to Primary Children's and get a CT scan. By thet point Elise was kind of acting tried, but it was also her nap time. So we took her to Primary Children's ER, while we were waiting to be seen Elise started to run around the waiting room so that made us feel better. We saw the doctor and since she was running around and screaming at the doctor (that's normal for her by the way) He said she didn't need x-rays or a CT scan. (Thank heavens! They had to fight her just to get her blood pressure, I can't imagine what x-rays and CT scans would be like!) Since then she's been pretty good, but her poor eye is swollen and purple. So I documented this wonderful occasion! It's such great day when you take your baby to Primary Children's for the first time. (It's kind of similar to calling poison control for the first time, which I've done too!) So now all is pretty well at the Wells house hold.

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