Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's all gone!

I've been debating and waiting for this day. Elise's hair has been so long and hard to maintain for a while. So we both went in and DONATED our hair to Locks of Love. Elise isn't even 3 yet and had about 9-10 inches to donate. I had about 9-10 inches also. This was the 4th time in 6 years I've donated my hair. Needless to say Elise and I were very bless when it comes to hair :)
We went to Brian's cousin, Lindsay Lane she is great! I've never had a hair cut with her that I didn't like!
Making the first cut!
Watching a movie and eating Swedish fish. I pulled out everything to get her to stay still.

Almost done!
Look at all our hair. On our heads and in our hands!
We love our hair!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Congrats Jenny and Fez!

Brian's sister Jenny and our new brother in law "Fez" (his actual name is Brian, but you can see how that would be confusing in the Family) got married in the Salt Lake Temple yesterday. It was such a great day, the weather was perfect, they looked perfect! So happy for both of them. Welcome to the family Fez.

An attempt at a family picture

My girls in their princess dresses

All the girls in the wedding party had pink shoes, including my girls. :)

Jenny and Fez. Fez is half Hawaiian so they and the whole wedding party had real hawian lei's.

We tried to get Elise to slow dance with her dad, but apparently this is the only form of dance she knows how to do. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy 9 Month Day!

Happy 9 months to my Melody!
As you can see she is the Happiest baby ever!
She went to the doctor yesterday for her 9 month check up, the only thing they could find wrong was that she had a ear infection :(
But other than that the NP (nurse practitioner) was very impressed and happy to see where Melody is developmentally and surprised where she is at physically.
Here's the stats:
Height: 29.4" (95%)
Weight: 18.7 lbs (50%)
Head circ: 17" (25%)
I pulled out Elise's 9 month stats and they are almost exactly the same. They are an ounce different in weight and I think 1/4 inch difference in height! Crazy! I'm told on a daily basis how tall my kids are. They are in the size double they're age. Elise is 2 and in a 4T. Melody is 9 months and in 18 month clothing. I sure hope they like playing basketball or volleyball, they'll sure fit in their!
But back to Melody.... she is crawling, feeding herself, clapping, saying mama and dada and just loves eye contact with anyone! She is really the best baby. I've been blessed with 2 pretty mello children, I'm kind of afraid to keep having more kids. I'm bound to have 1 hellion! But I'll just keep enjoying my girls for now. :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cute Stuff

I bought some curlers for Elise so I can experiment how to do her hair for Jenny's wedding. It came with a scarf thing, like the kind old ladies use to cover up their curlers. So I had to put it on Elise, she even slept with it on.

So here's my old lady :)

My cousin Lota is such a generous person, she has a business where she makes girls hair accessories. She really has given me almost half of my girls hair stuff. She keeps them looking hip. Here's the latest stuff she given me. Here's her website if you would like to see more of what she can do.

On Saturday we went back up to University Village to visit with our friends the Colliers and attend the end of year bash. It was so much fun!

They had a petting zoo.

A bouncy house

Free pizza, ice cream, and pop corn

I was so much fun! We always have a great time with the Colliers.

Last, Melody has been obsessed with her tongue since birth, (see picture above) But here's her latest tongue trick. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Isn't that the cutest picture! That card wasn't for me, but she was holding it so cute that I just had to capture the moment. Oh how I love this girl! Also, to get to the "finally' point. I can finally put Melody's hair into a tinny tiny pony tail on top. She's 9 months old and I can finally do that little bit to her hair. I put a picture of Elise at 9 months to compare. Elise's hair was long enough to put in pig tails and curl the end!

Just barley anything their. It's ok she makes up for it in so many ways. And it's nice I only have to do mine and Elise's hair. Also Melody has just adopted that bracelet and crawls around with it in her mouth like a puppy. Not sure what to think of that....
Speaking of hair I'm counting down the days until I get mine and Elise's cut, and I mean really short. I have days though where I look at our hair and think, "no it's so long and pretty," but then I remember every morning the scream fest I go through to get Elise's hair done. Then I don't feel so sad :) In about 2 weeks we'll both have short bobs for hair do's!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hail the conquering graduate!
We are the best looking family!

They are the reason we did all this!
I went to Smiths to get Brian a graduation cake, they didn't have any but they did have a Star Trek cake! I thought it fit pretty well. :0)

So so proud of Moose! We've been working toward this goal for so long, it will be so nice to have you around more.
Love love love you!

P.S. Brian graduated with his Masters in Finance. My husband has a masters, that's so cool!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Congrats Bethy and Brett!

Congrats Bethy and Brett Berger!
They were married May 2nd, 2009 in the Draper Temple.
Beth and I have been BFF since we were 1. We've been apart of each others lives for so many things it was so great to be their for her (and Brett's) special day.
They are such a cute couple, they were truly meant for each other.
Cami (my other BFF and sis-in-law) came all the way from Virginia to be their for Brett and Beth's special day too! The 3 of us (we are affectionately called ABC, Ann, Bethany and Cami) have been friends since we were in 8th grade and were inseparable until our husbands came into our lives :) Since then we've made every effort to stay close. Thanks Cami for making such a sacrifice to be their for Bethy. I love both these girls sooooo much, they are such great examples to me. Heavenly Father blessed me with 2 awesome sisters (ok so they are from other misters!)

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