Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls Camp 2011

Check out these amazing girls!

Girls Camp has come and gone, we had a blast! This year it was at the Heber Valley Camp. With cabins, electricity, showers, and running water. Since I'm nursing Ray I drove up everyday and got to sleep in my own bed. This year the Stake was in charge, which was a HUGE blessing. Because they do most the work and we just fill in the gaps. Our theme was "Forever Strong as Guardians of Virtue." Each ward had a scripture Heroin. We were the Mothers of the Stripling Warriors." I decided to twist it slightly into a super hero theme. The pink capes you see them wearing are their "cloaks of virtue." The leaders did a skit to introduce them, showing how we need to keep our "cloaks of Virtue" with us at all times to help us in hard situations. Then I told them they were all getting one.... you would have thought a celebrity walked in by their reaction! They were sooooo excited to get one. I just have to say, I have the BEST calling in the world! I LOVE this calling, I love these girls and Young Women leaders. I already can't wait for next year!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Boy

Ray is getting huge!

And long!
I took him in for a weight check yesterday, he's 10 lbs 15oz! Dang! He's about a week and a half from being 2 months and has already passed both his sisters when they were 2 months. BUT he still has a week and a half to get bigger! He definitely eats more than his sister did. He's ALWAYS hungry!

This was my kids one morning, all of them watching and enjoying "Wonder Pets.":)

Doesn't this help you see how big he's getting? He looks so big in Elise's arms.

And slightly chubby!

Maybe I'll finally get to experience having a chubby baby. But I won't hold my breath.:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My heart is melting...

Words can not describe how much I LOVE this little boy.

These were a couple of my favorites.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ray's Blessing Day

Ray's blessing day was such a great day. The stars aligned and I was able to get 3 kids ready for church and the house prepped by myself. Brian did such a great job on the blessing, and got a little emotional. I was teasing him I was supposed to be the one crying, not him. The thing that really stood out in my mind that Brian talked about in the blessing was all the examples in his life. So proud and comforted to have a husband that holds the priesthood.

4 generation picture

Great Grandpa Glen, Potter (AKA Grandpa Mike), Brian, & Ray
My cute kids. I love how this shows all my kids personalities so well.
Elise the beauty, Melody the stinker, and Ray the brother that doesn't want to mess with his sisters. :)

Another "great" family picture. As parents you just stand and smile in pictures. But Ray is crying, Melody is being..... Melody, and Elise just got kicked in the ear.

"It might be a crazy life; but it's our life."

This might sound sad, but I didn't get a picture of Ray alone that day. But I am planning on getting professional pictures of him in his blessing clothes soon.

Still cute at 1 month

Baby Ray @ 1 Month!

It's hard being a baby :)

We gave Ray his first haircut at 4 1/2 weeks. I decided when it was long enough to tuck behind his ears we needed a change. Look at all that hair in the sink!

Not the best "after" shot. We didn't trim the top, just the sides and back.

Here's a nice contrasting picture of Brian and Ray. From the ears up he's not Brian's child.

I took Ray in for a weight check when he was 4 weeks. He's a whopping 9 lbs 2 oz! I was really surprised. I guess he is getting enough. Keep up the good work Ray!

Being 2.....almost 3!

Last week Melody fell asleep at the table not once, but twice!

Playing in the sun and water plus having family in town can really wear a girl out. :)
I also just LOVE her choice of wardrobe. I think she might really be onto something!

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