Friday, September 23, 2011

Dance Dance Dance!

The girls started dance a few weeks ago. They are at
new studio, called Razz & Rhythm. Elise is starting jazz and clogging this year, and Melody is starting Jazz and tap.

And due to the time it's scheduled they don't get a nap, so this is what they do on the car ride home :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Cute Kiddos

Here are our cute kiddos.

I still step back and tell myself that I'm a mother of 3!

All these pictures were so cute that I just couldn't decided which to pick,

so you get to see them all!

Compliments of Cami Chapman

Thanks Cam, you always do such a great job!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jackson Hole with the Camps :)

We were able to do our annual Jackson Hole trip, but we had a little hiccup on our way there.

Yes we had to tow our car after it started smoking! It was towed to Afton Wyoming, they were able to fix the temperature gauge thingy and we got it the next day. We were able to make it to Bar-J. The food was excellent and the Wranglers were very entertaining.

Oh and we got to go with our friends the Camps :)

The cabin we stayed in had a fun playground right by it.

and a fun river to throw rocks in.

We went to Yellowstone the next day, Melody feel asleep while eating her lunch in the car.

Ray was starting to get fussy in the car so I tried to entertain him with the camera. :)

We made it to Old Faithful and the mud pots.

Can you tell which one is Aubree and which one is Melody? Don't feel bad if you can't, their own parents get them mixed up too. :) (Melody is on the left)

Cute Daddy daughter moment :)

On Sunday we went to the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.

The Chapel of Transfiguration

Hiking around Jenny Lake

We stopped to throw rocks in the Lake a few times.

This is my friend Tammy, she's buff carrying around her little boy Benjamin, plus she's pretty awesome too.:)

All though this trip started off with car trouble, we still had a great time. Huge thanks to the Camps for saving our butts while we had car trouble, and making this such a fun trip.

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