Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Elise!!!!!

IMG_3769IMG_3771Happy 6th Birthday My Elise! You are the coolest 6 year old I know! Smile Elise had a super fun birthday. We went to the Doll shop at Gardner Village for a dolly tea party. I was a mean mom and said she could only invite 3 friends (since it cost $ per child) and one of the friends had to be her sister. She had a tough decision, and was sad she couldn’t invite more. Sad smile But they had a blast. Isn’t her cake super impressive! I can’t take full credit, Bethany and her sister Sarah did most of it. So glad to have wonderful helpers that know what they’re doing. They did a great job. Elise was super spoiled with a lot of stuff for Felicity her doll. We started to wonder if it was Felicity’s birthday. Smile 

You are such a joy to mommy and daddy’s lives, you made us parents. We love you to death and can’t imagine life with out you. You are mommy’s big helper and are so good with your brother and sister. You amaze us by how independent you’ve become. Showering all by yourself, making PB sandwiches, vacuuming, and carrying your brother every where. You have such a sweet disposition and are quiet the analytical thinker. (You for sure get that from your dad) Your always willing to help at the drop of a hat and LOVE to help mommy cook and clean. You will one day be such a great mommy.  But for now, lets focus on going to 1st grade. You’ll be at school full time! Mommy is really going to miss you.

Love you always,
Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Runnin

Our summer so far can be summed up in 2 words, “Crazy Running!” Brian has really kept me on my toes this year. He had a crazy goal of running the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in a day. He’s done this 2 other times, but this time he wanted to do it in 6 hours. We’ll lets just say the “wheels fell off” a little bit. Sad smile I came to be the driver to get the car to the other side of the canyon. It was my fist time to the Grand Canyon.


grandcanyonafter5I dropped Brian and his running friend Eric off at the trail head, and told them that dying was against the rules. But Brian is a rule breaker!


They were doing really well and making good time when they stopped at the half way point, Phantom Ranch, to eat a little. Brian thinks he drank too much and started suffering from Over Hydration. Which is possible BTW!  If you drink too much liquid while your running it can throw off your sodium levels and electrolytes.He said around mile 18 he wanted to die! He was really sick to his stomach and eventually threw up, several times. I was sooooo glad he had Eric with him. My original plan was to drive the car around (which takes about 4 hours). Park, and start hiking down the canyon, meet them about 2 miles down, then hike 2 miles back up with them. So I parked and started heading down. When I was about 1 mile down I got a call from Eric that Brian wasn’t doing very well. He really needed a PowerAde (which was back at the car) so I hiked back to the car to get it. While hiking back, Brian called me (and I don’t think he was in his right mind at the time) and wanted me to see if a mule could come get him. I wasn’t super sympathetic, I told him those mules are booked about a year in advance, and if he wanted to do all the other races he wants to do this year he’d better figure it out! I also told him to find some shade and DON’T MOVE! I made it down the canyon and gave him his PowerAde. And that is what I found, the picture of him sitting up. He looks like death! He started sipping the PowerAde and took an hour nap. Then we slowly made our way up the trail. I was planning on hiking a max of 4 miles, but after everything went kaput, I ended up hiking 9! I was really concerned for Brian, I’m really glad we didn’t have to send a helicopter to get him. It’s unfortunate, but they still went rim to rim in 10 hours.


 brian ragnarBrian also finally got to participate in The Wasatch Back RAGNAR Relay. He’s wanted to do this for years, but the timing never worked out. Now he can check that off is looooooong race list. He said it was fun, but suuuuuper tiring. One of his legs was at 2 AM.



Who is that cute blonde with Brian, oh that’s me! Yes, I Ann Wells have to eat crow! I remember saying that I do not have any desire to run a 1/2 marathon, and that I will never run a 1/2 marathon. We’ll never say never! Smile Keena (the trainer Brian and I go to) wanted me to make a goal a few months back. Some how I came up with this!? Brian has gone running with me a few times, and kept telling me I really could do a 1/2 marathon, if I wanted to. We’ll one thing lead to another, and I set the goal! My “actual” race is August 4th in Salina’s Valley, California. But a friend of a friend had signed up to do the Eagle Mountain Glow in the Dark 1/2 marathon, but then backed out. So we happily took their spots. It was really fun! It started at 9:00 PM, and everyone was wearing some type of glow in the dark thing. It had rained a few hours before, so it was nice a cool when the race started.  It was a little weird running in the dark, but I kind of felt like it helped me focus on my running, since I didn’t have anything else to look at! Smile Brian was such a gem to stay with me the whole race. We ran it in 2 hours 25 minutes. He was my pack mule, carrying my liquid and the head lamp. I don’t know what I would have done with out him! Plus it was the first time I ran so hard I threw up after words!  Good time! Smile It really is nice to set a goal and actually accomplish it. So yes, I’m eating crow for always calling my husband crazy for wanting to do these crazy races. But I guess if you can’t beat em, join em! Smile


Brian and I each have our “big” race’s coming up in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted on all our awesomeness!

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