Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never say never..

Lets see..... 2 things happened this week that Brian or I vowed we'd never do, or we'd never do again.

#1. A prego picture of me! I just love how the flash blocks my face, I'm such an armature photographer. But this is me at 33 weeks. I feel big and I have quiet the waddle going on. But the consensus with all my friends and family and strangers is that I'm not that big. Hmmmm I still don't believe them.

Now for #2, the second "never say never." Brian vowed he'd never do Wayne's coating again after the bad experience we had with Melody's room. Heck I think I vowed too, but I got amnesia after 2 years and begged Brian if we could put it in our half bath. I think he gave in because of my pregnantness.:) Whatever works!

I saw this saying online and thought is was very appropriate for our bathroom :)
I love it! I think it turned out great! We have maybe one questionable spot, but I will deal with it!

Huge shout out to my Moose! I take it back when I told you a few years ago that your weren't handy. You are the handy man! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Craftiness! (Is that a word?)

What can I say, I've really been in a crafty mood lately! I just can't help myself. So I found the jar idea on a blog, but I suck and don't remember where. All I had to do was get jars, spray paint the lids and put fake grass and Easter candy in them. I also bought the candle stick holders at DI and spray painted them white. So easy and so much fun. These are the kind of pets I can deal with, peeps! They never poop, make noises, and I never have to feed them.:)
This pot I've been holding onto for years, it was nice to finally have a use for it.
Right now these jars are in my family room/toy room arch that divides the rooms. But my pregnantness (yes! it is so a word!) is thinking the candy needs to be in the kitchen where they will get eaten. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Early Easter

For Easter this year I decided to make pillow case dresses for my girls Easter Dresses. I've really been in a crafty mood lately, I'll blame it on nesting. :) So any excuse to make something I'm jumping at the chance! Plus when you find the fabric on clearance you therefore have to do it! :)

They were so easy I didn't even have a pattern!
Plus if you haven't noticed yet in this post, Melody got her hair cut! We chopped off about 4 inches and cut it into a cute A-line. (I say "we" like I did any of it, kudos to my friend Amber who cut it.) I love it and she does now too! Elise will soon have hers whacked in a few weeks. Were still working on convincing her she needs it. I kind of feel like a bad mom to some what force my kids to get their hair chopped. I'm just ready for a change, I'm tired of the screaming, whining and crying associated with long hair. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm trying to simplify my life before Ray arrives.

P.S. Going back to nesting, I've been working hard on Ray's room. Trying hard to get the girliness out of me and focus on boyness. (Is that a word?) His room is almost done, just waiting on the quilt to come back from the quilter. I went with an animal theme. The girls are so cute, they will ask me "Can I go look at Baby Ray's room?" They just love to go sit in there and look around. I admit I do too.:) So once the quilt comes back I'll show you the finished product.

Take a seat.

How could you not love this girl!? :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference 2011

I just finished Pres. Monson's Biography and I'm so glad I did it before General Conference. You really get to know this man from almost every aspect. I couldn't put it down after a while. All the funny and spiritual stories. I loved our prophet before I read this book but after reading it I love and appreciate him and all the apostles even more. He he the example of living by the spirit and always acting on those promptings. I know I need to live my life like that and try to follow the spirit. The whole time I was reading this book though I could help but keep his family in the back of my mind, he would be gone for weeks at a time between work and his church calling. His family and especially his wife just kept on and never complained. His wife Frances is a HUGE example to me and how I need to raise my family a support my wonderful husband. He mentions in his book many times he couldn't have done it without his wife standing right next to him and supporting his work in the church. He had opportunities in his life that would have really helped his career and probably received more money, but he always asked the Lord which path he needed to take. Sometimes he was confused why the Lord told him to take the path that didn't quiet make sense. But always followed the Lord. Can you imagine if he had taken another path!? It could have set his life in completely different direction. Brian's Grandpa Bryson had President Monson as his Bishop when he was a youth and young adult. I was sitting right next to Brian as I was reading a short story about his grandpa. I turned to him and said, "I'm reading about your grandpa." Brian just chuckled for a sec then said, "Wait! What?" Kind of funny. But the one thing that really stood out in my mind the whole time reading this book, was that he didn't have an active father. He was lucky enough to have uncles around that stepped in to keep the priesthood in his life. If President Monson didn't have a fully active family growing up and he became Prophet, Then NONE of us have any excuses! I know he is a Prophet of God.

It's a great book, I really recommend it. :)

But on to conference. I didn't get to listen to every talk due to 2 small blonde's in my life :) But what I did hear I of course loved. I love how they continually give us counsel and guidance and lots of encouragement. My top 2 favorite talks though were Elder Scott's touching talk on his wife, family, and marriage. Very tear jerking. Second was Elder Holland, I've enjoyed his talks every conference for the last few years. It's almost as if he's speaking directly to me.

As usual General Conference never disappoints, and is always a success.

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