Wednesday, November 6, 2013

More Randomness!

More Randomness!
 I took this picture a few days before I had Alice, all the kids were especially klingy that day. I think they knew something was up. :)

Man I love my Man! Doesn't get any sexier than that! 

 Elise was playing with my phone one day while I was doing her hair. Got this beautiful picture. For sure a keeper!
 Sleepy, maybe more groggy. :)
 I was organizing the girls closet one day and laid Alice in Melody's bed while I worked. She looks so tiny in that big bed. Lets keep it that way,
 My husband is AWESOME! I had a rough night with Alice and Brian went to go run a 5k the Stake was putting on. So he put this sign at the top of the stairs. Needless to say, it worked! It's pretty awesome to have kids that can read.
Babies first smile.
 Love my baby boy. He's been struggling with pooping in the potty so I bought a bunch of trucks and took his blankie away until he pooped in the potty. He was pretty stoked when he got a NEW truck and his blankie back!
 Grins and giggles
 So my BFF Bethy got me this scarf for my Birthday, but I was too afraid to wear it. I finally overcame my Phobia and wore it the other day. As you can see, Alice was pretty happy for me. :)
 Ice cream date with my little man.
 No nap that day....
Grandma Nina!

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Cami said...

Such cuties! And way to overcome your phobia into the world of scarves! LOVE scarf season!

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