Wednesday, December 4, 2013



Our Thankful door.

Every night we’d draw something we were thankful for. By the end we had to be creative to fit our drawings in because it was so full.

I Love my kiddos for the big and little things they were thankful for.



Our Christmas Tree.

Brian and I are going on 10 years of marriage. In the beginning our tree consisted of “hand-me-down” ornaments. Which I happily took because we were very poor. We’ll after 10 years were just kind of poor, so I wanted to start making our tree, OUR tree. So I’ve been collecting “W’s” for Wells and moose ornaments. I thought those 2 things would represent our family. I’ve also learned moose ornaments are kind of hard to find! We need to make a quick trip to Jackson Hole, I’m pretty sure we’ll find some their. Winking smile Oh, and we also have a few Disney characters mixed in too, I thought that was fitting for us Disneyland crazies. Smile I’m really happy with it!

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