Friday, June 10, 2011

1 week and some change

So I really was aiming to post this on his 1 week mark, but I'm a mother of 3 now, therefore I'm too tired. :)

But I'm glad we've made it to this point. The first few days home were a little rough, we think it was tummy issues along with my milk not completely in. Now that we've figured those out he's a pretty good baby! The girls LOVE him, maybe too much sometimes. They love to help mommy with Ray whenever they can.

Nursing with 2 curious girls has given us somethings to chuckle about. When they first saw me nursing him they were sooooo confused. Now they just say, "Baby Ray is eating Mommy's chest." Sure! Whatever stops the questions. :) They also walked in while I was pumping, they were REALLY confused after that! Melody has also told Brian he doesn't have a chest. Very observant. :) Just in a week he's already accumulated a bunch of nick names:
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Ray
Baby Ray

(Brian has told me several times that is NOT a nick name for his BOY!)

We Love you Ray!


Jenny Alama said...

Oh that is hilarious! Your girls are very curious anyway. Too funny. Can't wait to see little Ray, Baby Ray, Bubs, whatever his name is soon!

Jessica said...

Eating your chest huh? Hilarious! I have been worried about that too, now that they are older I am sure it will weird out my girls too. So cute.

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