Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It Snowed!

Big Bird Sighting

Yay, we finally had our first snow fall! Since we now live on the benches we get a little bit more snow than in the Valley. I'm not sure how much but we did get a few inches last night. This is Elise's first experience in the snow, (since last year she was only a few months old I did't really want her rolling around in the snow.) She enjoyed it, but the reflection of the sun off the snow is blinding! Other than that she loved it and I had to fight her to come back in the house.

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Jessica said...

Yea for snow! Makes it feel like Christmas. We got snow today too (must have been the same storm). I am glad you guys could play in the snow together, how fun. I am afraid Sophie is too young, crawling in the snow isn't the way to go. Cute pics.

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